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Chrome CRAZE

Mirror nails, also known as chrome nails, have captured the attention of beauticians around the world

The chic look created in a number of stunning shiny colours.

It is so eye catching that video tutorials of the look being created have fascinated the social media users and the nail technicians as well

"For this particular look I used black base #188 from Da Pro Gel on the ring finger.

On the other nails I used chrome on top of the no wipe top coat also from Da Pro Gel"

My way of applying the chrome:

  • base (cure)
  • black gel #188 (cure)
  • no wipe top coat (cure)
  • apply chrome evenly, dust away excess
  • no wipe top coat

If a second application is needed, just apply chrome and top coat again making sure to cap the tips and VOILA!

This can also be used with regular gel top coat, by wiping off the tacky layer before applying chrome!

Application Tip By: Da Professional Gel Color -

Chameleon Chrome by DaProfessional Gel Color

My Nails: Purple Ombre Nails By My Nail Technician:

Both ladies have amazing talent & a  clientele base that will follow their every step as they are on top of the latest nail trends and developments that are globally taking place.





Summer Nails: AquaMania By Angela's Crazy Nails

Today was refill day! My monthly appointments with my nailtech is always an awesome Saturday experience.

Most times I leave it up to her creativity and choice of colors, for they always blow me away. However today I had sea on my mind and those were some of the colors I wanted reflected.

I think I have been doing my nails since I was 18, and are now part of my wardrobe ensembles. Your nails are an accessory, and for me the last piece of the puzzle to complete my look.

Acrylic nails have evolved over the years, becoming  part of many people's beauty regime / routine. The question often is: What is the right choice when doing your nails? I have to be honest and say that it really depends on your preference and style.

You can have healthy natural nails, or you can mistreat your acrylic nails resulting in long - term damage. For me it is simple: whichever method you choose, ensure you do your research in maintenance, pros and cons of any type of nail treatment.

I have researched quite a bit and came across this interesting article:

I hope that it gives you a broader view on the options that you currently have. I can honestly say that I am lucky to have a phenomenal nailtech who ensures that her clients take care of their nails. In all these years, I have never had a fungus or bacteria incident.

Below is my summer look: inspired by sea, summer and the latest colors of the bathing suit I purchased (stay tuned for pictures).

Nails Trending Now: St.Maarten Very Own Gel Polish Distributor & Developer

"Da Professional Gel Color" was created by one of our local nail technicians, that after being in the  nail art industry, decided to create and develop her own line of gel nail polish in 2015.

Her name is Julina Buntin, and she holds nail care / nail art dear to her heart as she became a nail technician at the tender age of 15. Over the last 15 years, she has grown tremendously and decided that she wanted to take the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur.

It made sense to go and develop a product that has a direct link to her skills and trade, this way she is also able to support her retailers. This is primarily how the brand of this gel polish came to life.

Her aim is to provide our local beauty stores with top quality gel polish, become a leading brand and expand within the region as they grow in volume. In 2016 it was decided to revamp the logo, making it perfect and even more appealing to the consumer's eyes.

Below you will find overall information on the manufacturing & ingredients

of "Da Professional Gel Color":

Name: Da Professional Gel Color

About the Product

308 colors

1).Easy soak off and no harm with nail       

2). Easy to operate

3). Cured with UV&LED lamp      

 4). No odor and no toxic

5). Color brilliant and high gloss          

 6). Lasting over 3 to 4 weeks

7). Country Of manufacturing:

8). Transit time to St.Maarten:

9). Supported branding material: polish rack, polish color catalogue

10). Not tested on animals


-The Quality is our 1st priority.

-The color will keep its shine up to 30 days.

Type: UV /LED gel polish 

Main Products: soak off UV & led gel, soak off uv gel, soak off top coat, soak off base coat, soak off color gel

Main Current Markets: Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe

As they are trying to gain market share within the nail polish industry (specially locally), they have designed a special price strategy that will accommodate the beauty supplies and encourage nail technicians to purchase the product that depict from top quality manufacturers.

Our current status is: working with various retailers, salons and independent nail technicians to promote the gel polish brand.

  • "Da Professional Gel Color", has an introductory wholesale price of and you can contact us for further details on that. Tel# +721 587 0549 or via
  • In addition to this we are willing support in store promotions.
  • We also have Gel Polish Catalogue / UV Lamps / Color Chart and wonderful rhinestones accessories to go with your gel application.
  • We use Social Media (Instagram & Facebook) to plug in all our specials, promotions, nail care tips and most importantly