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How Are You Rocking Your Natural Coils This Season?

The holidays are upon us and many naturals are looking for protective styles that will last and look amazing all winter long. Protecting your hair should be less of a chore and more of a fun practice but if you struggled on how to style your hair for Halloween, you are surely dreading how to rock it for the rest of the holidays.

Christmas and New Year’s parties will be here soon so are you in need of hairstyles that will look amazing? If you want to protect your hair, but also want to have fun, then check out  few ideas that you can play around with  for protection and versatility this holiday season for your natural hair.


Adding hair is an ideal way to create a new woman every time you walk out the door. You can have longer, shorter, thicker, bigger and even various colors of hair if you choose when it comes to adding hair. From sew-ins to wigs to braids, rocking extensions is a great protective style coupled with giving you a different style to rock no matter the length or even texture of your own hair.  

Problems with Sew-Ins/Braids

The problems that arise with added hair like sew-ins and even braids are the limitations on styles (once you have that style you are pretty much stuck with it) and price. Sew-ins are extremely expensive if you want quality hair.  They also can lead to neglect of your own tresses if you are not diligent about caring for it under your sew-in or braids. 

Some women have been known to keep them in too long which can lead to traction alopecia or even matted hair.  Sometimes the problems occur when they were simply installed to tightly and that can create hair thinning, especially along the hairline.  Those are extreme cases but it can and does happen more than you think. I suggest to always discuss with your hair stylist what is the best care regime for any (protective) style that you have chosen.

Currently my chosen trend for this month are the faux locs! 

Try Some Clip Ins!

One of the simplest ways to change up your hair without damaging it is adding clip ins. Clips ins are a less expensive and easier hair extension method to sew-ins. They can be added, removed and re added several times as they are wefts of hair attached to clips that safely attach to the hair’s root. 

Clip ins give you options that regular sew-ins cannot as they can be applied to the whole head on one day and simply added to half a head (for fullness) the next. Hair is safely braided under the clip ins (unless some hair is purposely left out) and since the clips in should never be slept in, hair and scalp get much needed air and has access to products so they never get neglected. 

Kurly Klips!

I cannot discuss how amazing clips in are without discussing a favorite brand of naturals, Kurly Klips. Created for a need, Kurly Klips are curly textured clip-in hair extensions that give women of color the power to rock their hair however they want as often as they want.  With the holidays in full view, it is time for some versatility that will not sacrifice your hair in the process. Here are a few reasons why Kurly Klips are a great way to spice up your holiday hair and parties:

 Kurly Klips allows for you to wear them with some hair out or no hair out. Easy to install and remove, the clip ins change up your style even without having to re-braid your hair underneath as they can be placed for wearing down or installed for a high bun or ninja bun. The styles are endless!

Long lasting: Kurly Klips will last anywhere from three to twelve months depending on your care as they need to be nurtured, washed and taken care of just like your natural hair. 

The right price: This is the ultimate DIY hairstyle so no need for a pricey salon fee for installation and they are all well under $200 for each unit. 

Easy to install: No need for a stylist as these clip ins are easy to install and quickly too. Whether you get a friend to assist or DIY, Kurly Klips will have you ready in no time for any holiday party and allows for several ways to rock them according to your mood. 


My Kinky Straight Blowout

My Kinky Straight Blowout is designed to mimic your natural hair through rain, sweat, and humidity. So give it curls or iron it bone straight.  

Chic Fro

Naturals, I REALLY want you to have fun this holiday season, explore, try different looks, but most importantly be open to trying new things. Remember that your hair deserves ROYAL treatment 365 days a year! 

 Photography Disclaimer: All photos used in this post were done via Pinterest and I do not own the rights to any of them. 

Natural Alternatives For Natural Hair Care "The Naturalista4me Series" (Part I)

I am so excited to finally be able to share with you some of the expertise that my fellow blogger, Qwania White Dixon of Naturalista4me has in the field of caring for natural hair care and the products she uses.

I have asked her to be a contributor for a series of hair care for Naturalistas. Le t us not forget about the fact that indeed there is an astronomical increase of women that are opting to return to their natural coils. Me myself have been natural for the past 4 years and although I did not experience the famous "big chop", the adjustment has certainly been a journey. The thing is that even though many of us have made that conscious decision,  we still struggle to find a regime that will work for us specially when it comes to optimizing your pantry at home and experimenting with DIY hair care products.

By Naturalista4me

With so many different products sitting on the shelves of just about any store you walk into, it is easy to get your hands on something to take care of your needs. My question is, is it really taking care of your needs overall?

We often times look at what products are doing for our hair but we do not think about what it could possibly be doing to us internally. Because people are becoming more health conscious, many are looking deeper into what they are putting in and on their bodies. I am one of those people.

I began blogging about my natural hair journey in 2012 shortly after doing the big chop. I binged watched YouTube videos of other natural hair bloggers and tried my best to purchase every product I could that they claimed worked for them. I guess you can say I was a product junkie. Being a product junkie was not good for my pockets so I had to start finding other ways to care for my hair. I started browsing my kitchen and researching on more natural ways of caring for my hair.

I am going to be completely honest and say that even then my choice to try a more natural route was not health related. It was because I could not afford to keep purchasing products and most of those products did not do anything for me anyway. I was simply trying to find my way like everyone else.

I began to start using more natural ways of cleansing and conditioning my hair and shared that on my YouTube channel. My husband was a big help in helping me to apply my eatable hair concoctions for the camera. We had fun with it though.

Although I was using more natural alternatives, I would still purchase shampoos and conditioners. I have done many reviews but here I am today with no store bought shampoos or conditioners in my home. As the years passed and I learned that caring for my hair did not have to be so complicated, I began to give away products that I was no longer using and would just visit my kitchen to whip up whatever I needed. I began to make my own gels, whipped shea butter for hair and skin, natural hair masks, detox hair masks, oil blend concoctions for conditioning and so much more.

When I shared with people what I used, they would say to me that they were not wasting grocery by applying eatable food to their hair. I can understand where they are coming from but with the knowledge that I have today of what is being put into products that claim to "help" you, it is definitely worth it for me.

Many products today for our hair and skin contain chemicals that slowly poison us. I did a class in Vidalia, GA where I went over some of the main chemicals that are in many of the top selling brands. Most people do not read thoroughly into the ingredients to know this. We read what it says it will do for us, probably the first three to four ingredients and the long words that we cannot pronounce we ignore and purchase it anyway.

Those words are what we need to pay attention to if we are wanting to steer clear of products that are not beneficial to our health.

I was once told that we are going to die anyway so you may as well just live life and not worry about things as minor as chemicals in your products. If this is the mindset that you have about your life then that is something I will not touch on at this time but for those of you who desire to take control over your health holistically, I want to encourage you to dig deeper into the ingredients.

There are things in your beauty products that CAN cause life threatening illnesses.

I am now a habitual researcher who loves to share natural ways for you to care for your hair and body and I want to share a few things that I have tried personally.

Part I: Cleansing:

First I want to start off by sharing some ways that I cleanse my hair naturally.

 Cleansing My Hair Naturally

To cleanse with baking soda I do the following:

Mix 1 part baking soda to 3 parts of water. Shake or stir well  (depending on what you are mixing it in).

Apply baking soda mix directly to the scalp area. As a tip, take a clean toothbrush that you will not use and go in a circular motion on the scalp to help to cleanse the scalp better. This worked great for my daughter when she use to have really bad dry and flaky scalp. It also feels great- like a massage.

This combination will most likely run down the strands of the hair so you may not have to necessarily apply baking soda down your strands directly. I concentrate more on the application of it to my scalp and then distribute through the strands of my hair last. 

Follow up with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse to balance out the ph level of your hair. Apple Cider Vinegar will act like a conditioner.

I do not skip the acv rinse step! It is very important.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Recipe:

1 part Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar to 3 parts water.

 To cleanse my hair with bentonite clay I do the following:

You will need:

  1. bentonite clay,
  2. apple cider vinegar,
  3. distilled water,
  4. aloe vera juice
  5. essential oil (I use tea tree or lavender)
  6. a bottle for easy application.

These ingredients will be added in equal parts to your bottle- except the essential oil.

Add bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar to your bottle first and shake well. This will make the bentonite clay easier to apply by removing any clumps. Follow up by adding equal parts of distilled water and aloe vera juice.

Finish this concoction off by adding 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and shake well.

To apply:

Rinse hair thoroughly then apply the mixture to your scalp and hair. Scrub with the padding of your fingers, rinse out then repeat.

 Bentonite Clay Hair Mask/Detox:

Combine bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar in a non- metal bowl to get the consistency that you desire for application. It should be a thick smooth paste consistency.

Rinse hair thoroughly then apply the hair mask. Leave on for approximately 15 minutes then rinse out. I always follow up by applying an oil to my hair of my choice which is usually olive oil.

This mask will remove any crud and toxins from your hair while providing you with its nutrients. 

To cleanse my hair with African Black Soap I do the following:

Purchase an African Black Soap of your choosing.

To Apply:

Rinse hair thoroughly. Rub the bar of soap between the palms of your hands and then apply that lather to your scalp area. Soap can be put on the strands as well but I mainly concentrate on my scalp. The soap eventually makes it way down my strands as I am scrubbing at my scalp. Scrub your scalp with the padding of your fingers. Rinse out then repeat.

Now that we have talked about ways that I cleanse, I would like to share natural ways to deep condition. Stay Tuned for Part II: Deep Conditioning! 


Wigs & Weaves: Your Option To Protective Styles or NOT??

I transitioned to natural a few years back. And although I did not experience the "big chop" like some of my Naturalistas sisters, I did undergo a process of transition. What helped me during the process was that I wore lots of weaves. But did you know there is a great debate going on about protective styling? What is a protective style to you? There is actually an argument out in the natural hair universe that if you wear weaves and wigs YOU ARE NOT NATURAL. Guess what, there is even an arguments that suggests, if you have color, use certain products, or straighten your hair YOU ARE NOT NATURAL. Before we move on let's dissect the meaning of a PROTECTIVE STYLE. We of course are going to use the definition from CurlyNikki's website:

"...protective styling is basically putting your hair into a style that involves tucking your ends away from the atmosphere to protect them from damage..."

More traditional protective styles include braids, twists, cornrows, roll, tuck & pin, buns (debatable also LOL); as well as low manipulation styles such as twist outs, braid outs, and wash n gos. Here recently naturalistas have also been rocking natural hair inspired protective styles such as poetic justice braids, box braid, Marley twists, Havana twists, faux locs, wigs, and weaves. Once these styles started trending is when the great debate really went full force. 

Remember the documentary with Chris Rock, "Good Hair"? Someone (clears throat, Nikki Walton) really needs to have a follow up interview with him because I remember him making fun of beauty supply stores not selling African textured weaves. And look at us now! There are so many natural textured extension companies out there taking over the hair industry. Companies like Private Stock Hair, Kinky Curly Yaki, Heat Free Hair, Curlkalon, and so many more. 

 During this shoot, this was one of the things that I was a bit worried about, although I am not per se a Naturalista advocate, I have gained knowledge on how to care for my hair. But before that I had the journey of accepting back my natural curls. I was and still am a BIG weaving fan. Like the average woman, I like diversity in my life. when it comes to hair I like to challenge my hairdressers and myself with new trends and out of the box concepts.

This look was sponsored by a young entrepreneur that has invested time and money into obtaining the skills that you need in order to become a weaves and wigs connoisseur. So much so that she has started her own line of hair: You can get more information by visiting her Facebook Page:

I am known for always doing non traditional things to my hair and I LOVE color. Which means I cannot tell you the last time I saw my actual hair color (and yes this is while being natural). many ask about the bleaching element, the truth is that once you have the proper post bleach care routine, your coils will be just fine! It is a fact that your natural hair has longer endurance and is more resistance to colors, bleach, heat etc than when your hair is permed.

Below is a YouTube link that will take you through the process of me dying my hair pink / purple last year December. once again I have an excellent hair dresser and I always make sure to follow her advice when it comes to post care of whatever hair style I decide to rock: 

In conclusion, those of us that like wearing weaves, wigs, faux locs, box braids, etc. it is OK to rock such styles and explore the diversity within you. What you are actually doing is promoting our versatility and the ability that we as BLACK women have so many options, and none of them have to replace the other. It would only become a problem is if you are not comfortable going back to your true natural state. It  is only problematic when you are not comfortable going back to your true natural state. If the feeling of beauty only shows up when you are wearing an alternative style, then there might be the chance that your hair is only PART of a rooted problem and that you might have to dig deeper to find your true self.  Important is to admit and seek help with professionals or a support group, should this be the issue.  We have undergo a long  journey in arriving towards the destination of loving our natural hair (it took me some time for SURE). We have so many things that as black women we need to embrace, that hair should really not be that much of a challenge....

I would love to share this link with you:  

 I believe in using the net for information, discovering your options and educating yourself. If you are looking for protective styles, this is certainly an alternative. 

Glamorous Hairtopia: Social Mixer (January 21st, 2017)

On January 21st, Glamorous Hairtopia held their 1st in store event for 2017: The Social Mixer.

Glamorous Hairtopia is located in the heart of Marigot. Their Mission  is to supply natural and healthy hair products to whoever wants to return natural and are already natural in an intimate and welcoming environment that is distinct from your traditional Beauty Supply Store.

Glamorous Hairtopia Natural Hair Product Boutique/salon fills the gaps found in local beauty salons with limited natural product diversity, as well as the limited and poor selection of natural hair products found in traditional. We take great pride in providing our customers with a comprehensive selection of natural hair products and our commitment to customer service.

Proud owner, Mrs. Beatrice Richardson - Piper, has been on a natural journey for the past 5 years.  It all started when she encountered a scalp condition, that forced her to return back to her natural coils via doing the famous and scary "BIG CHOP". In 2015, she started a Facebook group (Naturellement Belle in SXM), where naturalistas exchanged valuable information on the process.  This was derived from the many queries she received from women regarding the maintenance of natural hair.

In 2016 she opened the doors to "Glamorous Hairtopia" and her aim was to do things different by using a form of in store marketing  that will create that trust and relationship between her and the client. A "Sanctuary" where women, could come for guidance and education of their natural hair journey.

Glamorous Hairtopia represents brands like: Shea Moisture, Obia Natural Hair Care, Carols Daughter, Alikay Naturals and Natural Girls Rock Accessories (earrrings, t-shirts etc).

A specific brand "Shea4All" stood out to me as it is made and package on our very own 37 square miles of talent. Shea4all is made with 10 different beneficial oils for your hair, making this a great treatment for hair growth.

In addition to this they also carry a variety of African prints tops, African prints covered clutches, and sandals.

If you are not too sure which direction to go with your natural hair, or are you looking to gain fundamental information, they also offer a variety of services and consultations:

In The Journey Consulting

For those who have already engaged in The Natural Hair Journey but Still Have Questions or Difficulties based How to do's... & Products to use... & When to use.

Transition Consulting

Going Back to Their Natural roots...Some Start With the Big Chop...Some want to keep their hair & be able to Transition Over which is a bit More Time demanding...So I Advise On How to go about it & the products and techniques to help during that journey.

Hair Type Consulting

it is a great struggle for woman who have chosen to return to their roots to decide on what products to use for their hair types......I consult Your Hair, Determine Your Hair Type & Suggest You the best possible products.

They are continuing with the in store event, and on January 28th they are having a makeup workshop event by: (will insert event flyer here with details)

  • Glamorous Hairtopia will continue to promote events via their official Facebook Page:

  • Via their instore consumer events
  • Via their individual consultations
  • In the event that there are any relevant local expos or trade shows

For any queries you can contact them on: #12, Palais Caribes (Le Patio), Marigot. Tel# +590 690 66-0901

Loving My Purple Kinky Braids!

Colored braid is pretty much the new trend on the block, the summer of 2016 it really took a peak where everybody wanted some type of color on their heads! Just like fashion, beauty trends seem to be circular – they come, they go then they are back again. Nigeria Fashion has incorporated colored braids in their fashion trends, and that has filtered to the rest of the fashion world. 

Like with every trend, you have people that are more daring than others, they take fashion and give it their own unique but very memorable twist. 

This trend is mostly worn by those who do not shy away from beauty risks. There are however different levels to this trend – the cool colors, ombre, the really bright colors and rainbow colors.

The cool colors

These colors are usually dark shades of light colors such as dark purple. They are pretty much what most women opt for when they choose to go colored. It’s bright enough to get people’s attention and cool enough to pull off. This kind of braid is usually beautiful especially when the braids are jumbo sized.

I am always asked, how do I get the courage to wear these bold colors! The reality is that you do not need courage, you need confidence and you need to be real settled in your skin. I consider myself a blessed individual, because many women also work in industries that these types of colors are not allowed, based on their rules and regulations.

Colors have been a part of my life, since I can remember. It is what brings joy to my life. And this is not necessary only with hair. This brand "Natural Afro Kinky" (24')and it was PURPLE! I was instantly sold. I managed to arranged an appointment with a talented young lady by the name of: Stephania. The hair itself is available locally on various cosmetics / hair stores. This particular color I got at Beautilicious, Cole Bay.

( Four Hours after, this was the end result! The braids have minimal shading and no tangling so far. What I love about it is that it blends nicely with my very own and current purple hair.

The Real BRIGHT Colors:

Mostly seen on bold risk takers. This hair is a showstopper. You are definitely going to take a second look if you see someone walking around in bubble-gum-pink braids.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

My thoughts is that whatever it is that you decide to do with your braids.....Rock it like you are the ONLY girl in this world. People usually get over the unusual hair color very quick, once you can show them that the color does not define who you simply enhances your bright, bubbly and risk taking personality.

Image Source: Pinterest

The Ombre is also one of my favorite looks and on my to do list.....maybe for our upcoming Carnival on St.Maarten in April.....

People often say that your brightest accessory is your smile...I agree with that, however why should a girl ever have to stick to only ONE type of accessory ;)??!!

Photography Credits: Artistic Drive

MUA: Jennifer Pelgrim (she is awesome, had mad fun working with her)

Wardrobe / Necklace: T's Closet

Pro Fiber: By L'oreal Salon Professional

The first week in December the stylist on this island were treated to a workshop by L’oreal Salon Professional. The main objective was to educate them in the Pro Fiber Program.

Medicosmetics is the official agent for L’oreal Salon Professional, and they were able to put an amazing program together on December 4th & 5th where the attendees received a theoretical part and also the practical aspect of this hair treatment technique. The educators for the workshop were:

Workshop Educators: Frank Diaz Out Of L.A & Roberto Avalo Out Of Aruba

The workshop lasted 1 full day and was closed off with a mini hair / makeover show, where different models were used to showcase a before and after look on December 5th. During this Cocktail / education event at Refuge, the stylist were able to see a before and after look with details on the process.

The Pro Fiber Program is a long-lasting, recharging hair care program for damaged hair.

The program starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation with an expert hairstylist. They will analyze the level of damage of your hair using the Hair Fiber Test.

First, your hairstylist will ask you about your current hair care routine and how you would like your hair to look when finished. This will help assess if external factors might cause hair damage, such as heated styling tools and if you prefer a lightweight or richer cosmetic feel.

Then, taking a few strands of hair, your hairdresser will feel its texture from root-to-tip to check its thickness, elasticity and see if you have split ends. Your hairstylist’s diagnosis will inform which Pro Fiber hair care program is perfect for you.

Medicosmetics St.Maarten & L'oreal Paris Team Of Professionals, "would like to thank Experts Hair Salon. They offered the team an amazing hospitality and also facilitated the salon space so that we could have done the make overs and showcase them with our top quality products".

Ladies if you have not heard about pro fiber, I suggest you contact your hairstylist and get to know more about this hair care system that will give you gorgeous looking and healthy hair. This Holiday Season, treat your hair to greatness, simply because L'oreal Pro Fiber makes it EASY!


Monday (Blues)Twist Out - Shea Moisture

Haircolor: Blend of Sparks Colors, Green Envy & Purple Passion.

Pic on the left: 1 week after coloring. Pic on the right: 6 weeks after coloring, colors are more defined.

Point Of purchase: Beautilicios (Cole Bay)

Playing with colors and your hair is currently a very popular trend.

This goes for natural / permed / weave / extensions, everyone seems to want tome color in their lives!

Some of the questions that a naturalista will be faced with are:

  • What brand should I use?
  • How do you choose a haircolor?
  • Is it ok to bleach my hair?
  • What are the post care tips after bleaching your hair?
  • How often can you change your hair color?
  • What about bold colors in your work environment?

The reality is that shopping for that perfect haircolor brand, can be overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. The market is saturated with so many brands, choices, and tutorials that it could be time consuming.

I will provide a brief summary as to how I go about it:

  1. Look up the colors that are trending (this could be seaonal as well). Also the type of color:

    Consider the Types of Hair Color

    There are various types of color formulated to change the hair from one shade to another. Though all of these formulas are safe to use, some are more appropriate for ethnic hair than others.

    • Color Rinses: Gentle and easy to use, these ammonia- and peroxide-free hair rinses are predominantly used to add shine and depth. The color rinse is a great option for individuals who don't have time to visit salons regularly; it can easily be maintained at home. It is also safe to use on relaxed hair, but since it washes out over time, it must be reapplied every few weeks. Note that color rinses do not lighten the hair.
    • Temporary Colors: By virtue of their name, temporary hair colors last only until your next shampoo. Similar to rinses, they don't lighten hair and are completely chemical-free. These colors are essentially "paint" for your hair; they only coat the strands, so they are also safe to use on relaxed hair.
    • Semi-permanent Colors: Similar to color rinses and temporary formulas, semi-permanent colors have the added advantage of longevity. The color is applied to the hair and then "sealed" with heat from a dryer for half an hour. Again, these colors are also chemical-free and safe to use on processed hair. Note, however, that they do not change color drastically and typically only last between six to twelve shampoos.
    • Demi-permanent Colors: Demi-permanent colors contain a small amount of peroxide, but do not contain ammonia. Therefore, they can't lighten the hair, but they can enhance the natural color and cover grays well. This type of color also lasts through at least 24 shampoos.
    • Permanent Colors: Best applied by a professional, permanent color provides you with a significant change and utilizes both ammonia and peroxide. The color does not wash out and only fades as the hair grows out. Touch-ups every four to six weeks are recommended to cover roots. For ethnic hair, it is especially important to see a colorist, particularly if the hair has been processed in some way.
  2. Research a brand based on my hair type (4C)
  3. My hair has been through the bleaching process, and therefore I am not new to handling bleach hair, if in doubt, I always contact my hair stylist / colorist
  4. The key to maintaining your hair healthy after going trough a bleaching process, is to make sure that you keep the moisture. This will prevent extreme dryness and breakages, specially your ends. What works for me is the "Shea Moisture" line of products, speciafically the Gel Curling Souffle & the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Again in order to make the right choices in products for your hair, it is imperative that you are familiar with your hair texture.
  5. I personally color my hair 2 to 3 times a year, this really has more to do with how health your hair is. Someone that hair is thinning or severe damaged should wait a substantial amount of time before venturing inyo any coloring process. If you are on the luckier side and take good care of your hair, in my experience 2 to 3 times a year is more than sufficient once you maintain a consistent post dye treatment for your hair.
  6. Choosing a color can be based on your personality, on the current trend or on trying something totally out of your comfort zone. I have been natural for about 2 years and the last year I have been playing around with colors: bright reds, to purples and greens. However if you are more on the conservative side, I would suggest try the color on a human hair extension, so that you can get an idea of how it will turn out on you (the hair has to be comaparable in color with yours of course). Another factor is your work envitonment, there are industries like, banking, law, health care, government that may have a policy in place for etiquette and apperance. If this is the case then you would have to enjoy these experiences while you are on holiday.


Natural Hair Is The New Trend

Makeup -

Eyes: Naked 3(Urban Decay)

Lips: MAC Red

Hair Color -



A popular YouTube personality, who has been chronicling her relaxed healthy hair journey for about three years online, recently announced her decision to transition.   She is a favorite among relaxed women because of her determination to reach her goals and the ease (or so it seems) of which she does so; and of course her relaxed, mid-back length hair is nothing short of gorgeous!  So needless to say, her announcement sparked a lot of discussion and interesting reactions among the online hair community.  One comment I see repeatedly from both naturals and relaxed women alike is the question of whether or not natural hair is a trend.  Some feel people are going natural just because it is trendy, some people wonder if natural hair will still be this popular in ten or more years, and some state they feel pressure to transition just because it is so trendy right now.

My question is – why do we speak of a “natural hair trend” as if that is a negative thing? Haven’t all hairstyles been trends?  Nobody questioned whether the afro was a trend in the ‘70s, the jherri curl of the ‘80s, or the mushroom and asymmetrical cuts of the ‘90s.  When they came on the scene strong and we jumped on the bandwagon, whether we had the style or just appreciated the look, we never felt the need to defend that AFROS OR JHERRI CURLS ARE HERE TO STAY!  When one trend faded and a new one emerged, it was accepted as a natural part of the beauty industry –because that is what looks do, change!

So if I decide to transition from my healthy relaxed hair to my lovely kinky virgin hair solely because I want to join in on the trend, why is that a problem?  Do I have to have a deep philosophical reason?  Do I have to have had a bad experience with or a negative view of relaxers?  Must I feel that natural hair is more beautiful?  Or can I just decide that I want a change and want to be trendy?  And if I state that as my reason, why would I (most likely) receive a bunch of criticism for that being my main reason?  Why do relaxed women feel disappointment when another online hair vlogger or blogger decides to transition and act as if someone has died?  I can understand wanting to see women with healthy, long relaxed hair because it serves as inspiration and lets you know that it is possible – but if a woman has achieved that and decides to change, why do some relaxed women go into mourning?  And vice versa regarding the feelings of natural women when long time naturals decide to relax?

Natural hair may or may not be a trend.  In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter – it is beautiful to see and I appreciate that more women are deciding to rock their naturals. However, if in a decade, it isn’t as strong that would be okay with me too.  Because just like with any “trend” once a new one emerges, there are always some women who stick to the old one.  There are women who still get “curls” and some never left the 70s afro behind.  So even if it is a trend, the presence of natural hair will never fade completely away regardless of whether or not it is as popular as it is right now.  And that, ladies, is a wonderful thing, trend or not.

Article Source:


Saturday afternoon Look: Afro Fusion


The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Hair

Healthy Scalp

Do you do everything to care for your hair, but see little to no difference in length?  Have you tried everything in the book from slathering your hair with mayonnaise and eggs to paying an arm and a leg for expensive products that claim to increase growth, but still see no results?  You’re not experiencing much breakage, no excessive shedding, and your hair FEELS and LOOKS fine, but it just doesn’t seem to be gaining any length.  You know your hair CAN grow longer, but something is hindering it – something you just can’t quite put your finger on.  In this case, the first place you should look for clues is your scalp.   Is it dry? greasy? flaky? Any of these can be a sign of either simply a need for a change in your hair regimen, diet or a medical issue.

Think of your hair as trees, grass, or flowers and your scalp as the soil.   If the soil isn’t cared for, the plants can not flourish.  If you don’t take time to ensure that you have a healthy scalp, how can you expect to have long, healthy hair?  You can’t.  Many spend an endless amount of time on their hair to get it to grow long, but they neglect their scalp which then leads to time wasted.  Before you embark on a long hair journey, you must first get to the source.

First, look at your scalp and how your hair behaves.   Is your scalp dry and flaky, but your hair greasy?  Or are both your hair AND scalp dry?  Is your scalp greasy, but your hair dry?  Or are they both greasy?

Dry Scalp

A dry, flaky scalp accompanied by dry hair can be your body’s way of telling you that it is in dire need of nutrients.   In order to combat this, it is recommended that you drink more water and supplement your diet with foods rich in zinc, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and B complex vitamins.


Zinc is required for the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body so a healthy amount will do wonders for your scalp, but a lack of it could be detrimental to your health and show on your scalp and hair. Whole grains, seafood, meats, poultry and nuts are rich in Zinc and are highly recommended if you need need a nutrient boost.


Iron’s role in the body is to help in the transportation of oxygen from the lungs to the cells.   Because the scalp and skin are highly dependent on oxygen, this nutrient is

vital in promoting and maintaining healthy skin.  Foods high in iron are green vegetables, fruit, beans, grains, and cereals.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids aid in moisturizing your skin from the inside.  Cold water fish are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A aids in the synthesis of protein. Because hair is mostly made up of protein (roughly 97%), a lack of Vitamin A could mean a decrease in the production of the protein needed for growing hair.

B Complex

B complex vitamins increase circulation and increases the life span of cells. a lack of B complex can lead to dry, cracking irritated skin. Breads, nuts, dairy, eggs, and liver are high in B complex. 

Before attempting to address the problem on your own, it is best to visit a medical professional so that he or she can address exactly what you are deficient in and establish a diet plan to eliminate the problem if it becomes serious. It is recommended, however, that you take a daily multivitamin to prevent nutrient deficiencies and stay healthy.

A few quick fixes to mask the problem until you everything right diet-wise are hot oil treatments, apple cider vinegar rinses, and/or a hair steamer. 

One big cause of dry hair and dry scalp for relaxed ladies is a lack of chelating. 
Chelating is the process of removing mineral buildup from the scalp.  When one relaxes his or her hair, specifically with a no lye relaxer, some of the mixture can clog your pores and cause dryness while at the same time preventing your body from transferring nutrients to your hair.  Most people mistake and confuse this with product build up and try to treat it with a clarifying shampoo.  A clarifying shampoo will not do anything at all to remedy the situation like a chelating shampoo. 

Chelating shampoos are also recommended for people who live in hard water areas.  All chelating shampoos are not advertised as chelating.  In order to scope out undercover chelating shampoos in your favorite brands, look for shampoos with EDTA as one of the main ingredients.

Dry scalp and Oily hair

Having a dry scalp, but oily hair is an unusual, but not uncommon occurrence. The most common cause is an allergic reaction/ sensitivity to shampoo.  If this problem isn’t a common issue to you and is something that sprung up from nowhere, it could signify that your scalp has a pH imbalance.  To combat this, most women go in search of the many hair products that help to balance the pH of the scalp.  One homemade remedy, however, is baking soda.  Using baking soda in place of strong, irritating shampoos is a good

alternative for people with this problem.  Baking soda is known for its ability to neutralize the pH of substances and can do the same for your scalp.

Oily scalp

Oily scalp and oily hair signifies an overproduction of oils and can lead to build up if left untreated.  Remedying this issue, however, is simpler than the others.  A simple

clarifying shampoo whenever needed and washing with sulfate shampoo should be enough to remedy the issue.

Oily scalp and dry hair

Like dry scalp and oily hair, this issue is just as unusual but not at all uncommon. Oily scalp and dry hair can be a sign of clogged pores or a hormonal imbalance.

Clogged Pores

Clogged pores could be caused by a lack of washing or a lack of washing properly. Product that was not washed away builds up on the scalp and prevent oils and nutrients from being transported to the hair strands.  For people in this scenario, a simple clarifying shampoo followed by a light leave in conditioner should moisturize the hair and remove build up.

Hormonal Imbalance

This problem is common in people with a hormonal imbalance, specifically teens because their hormones are still adjusting.  For people who are out of their teens, it is recommended that they seek medical help so that a medical professional can address the issue and do what needs to be done to fix it. Pay attention to your scalp.  Your skin is the last to receive any nutrients, but the first to show signs of deficiency.  Knowing your scalp will help you learn more about your skin and its needs and help you prevent any problems that could hinder your growth.  Getting to the source is the first step in solving the problem.