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Local Makeup Trend: Nelly's Makeup Brushes

It is often said, that when you are using makeup, you need to think of your face as a canvas. Meaning that you need the right tool to be able to obtain that flawless look. This is why it is important to have the right set of makeup brushes that will leave you with great results.

In July of 2016 she was elated to have launched her set of customized makeup brushes.

"I wanted to build  a brand . And the most important part of building a brand is having 

tools to work with. This is how the idea of starting my first brush set was born in 2014.  

Having  a perfect brush set makes a more perfect and flawless application easier to achieve.  

I fell in love with a brush set from a company in England  but it was too expensive to manufacture. 

After doing the necessary research, I had a company made me a brush set that caters to the face and eyes. Of great importance was, for the quality to be superb while being able to retail it for a lucrative price".

The end result was a nude and rose gold tone brush set.

The brushes are made of goat hair, synthetic bristles and each comes with a soft fashion pink bag that protect your brushes when you on the go.


The brushes are anti- bacterial cited bristles and a perfect for your favorite cream, liquid and powder products. The brush set includes:

  • Foundation brush
  • Blush& Contour brushes
  • Power brushes
  • Brow line brush
  • Wing liner brush
  • Smokey shader brush
  • Crease brush 
  •  Eye Smudger brush


This wonderful product is locally available for the price of USD 65.00. Nelly consciously chose a limited amount of brushes to be introduced into our market and she looks forward to expanding very soon with additional products that will compliment the this line of "Nelly's Brushes".

For further information you can contact Nelly on:

 Blog & Post Recognition

  • Soidi Illis - Product Photoshoot Director / Photographer
  • Jobson Chatelier - Photo Editing


Makeup & Travel: Because You Still Want To Look Cute While On Vacation

If you are like me, and a fan of makeup, then I am sure we share the same struggle. Every time  it is time to go on vacation, it turns into a process of elimination while I try and be selective about which makeup components I will choose to travel with.

Your objective is to look effortless flawless while on vacation, which results in packing so many "just in case items". The sad part is that most of the time and depending on the type of vacation, you will be perfectly fine with just the basics, one or 2 lipsticks and a few glosses.

Besides the fact that you also have to worry about the overweight, because in your mind you "NEED" everything that you have packed, you also have to find a way to be selective about your makeup...I think that is stressful enough already.

For me what works best is to pack my basic cleansing regime products (vacation in no excuse not to stick to your morning and evening skin cleansing rituals!!). After that I make sure to pack:

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Bronzer

Once I have gone through this list I pack their respective brushes and all my eye brushes (including blending & eye shadow).

The next task is the most difficult one for me: the eyes! I prefer color popping eyes so I have tons of eye shadows and brands that I like to experiment and play around with. My first strategy is to grab a day look and a night look.

After this I would choose the top 10 eye shadow colors based on vacation outfits and special places (dinner, parties or anything formal that may be part of this vacation trip). This way I can give my eyes some extra attention during those "special vacation moments".

I then choose 2 blushes options and my favorite lips which are usually nude, red, hot pink and gold. In addition to this a throw in a few lip glosses, just to keep it simple, classy and clean.

Of course you cannot forget a good mascara: Hypnose or Inglot's False Lash Mascara usually does the trick for me.

Sample of a Vacation Day Look: (poolside)

Sample of a Vacation Evening looks:

Last but not least, is how will you pack all of these items in the most effective way, without leaving too much room for damage, spills or unnecessary mess?

I try looking for a bag that was compact, sturdy and also that would be able to accommodate all my stuff without having to worry about issues while traveling and I must admit that I have been able to find some very cute, durable and functional ones on:

I believe the key to organized chaos is to find tools and ways that will assist you to optimize your traveling experience. Therefore make sure to make some conscious purchases in makeup travel bags. Try to calculate an average length of most of your vacations, and this way you can have an inclination of how much makeup you would need to travel with and which bags would be more functional for you.



Phillipsburg, St. Maarten: May 26-28th completed a weekend long celebration and launch of The T’s Closet T. Barnes Organic Skincare and Cosmetics Beauty Counter. St. Maarten is the home of many beauty brands but very few offering healthy alternatives to the population’s skincare and cosmetic needs. On an island filled with product choices T’s Closet has introduces a product line that is conscious of the long term dangers of depositing toxins and chemicals into the skin and especially formulated for skin of color.

T’s Closet is a boutique known for it’s high level of quality clothing and now also for quality skincare and cosmetics. T’s Closet becomes a mini department store where you can literally be dressed from head to toe from skincare, to undergarments, to outfits spanning casual, business and formal, to a full face of make-up. Beyond the products the counter will be offering services as well to educate on proper skincare regimens and performing make-up services for weekend nights out and special events. T’s closet is a place that you can come empty handed and leave completely ready for your event or occasion. The counter will also extend beyond the store.

A T’s Barnes Beauty team lead by Kenty Lichtenberg will be available for facial and make-up parties at the location of your choice! Ultimately the successful launch of the brand on the island is just a preview to the many exciting and fun opportunities to come for St. Maarten with T’s Closet and The T. Barnes brand.

  1. Barnes Beauty, LLC is a lifestyle brand out of the United States but serving the global community. The brands offer T. Barnes Organic Skincare, healthy cosmetics, bath and body, the T. Barnes Signature Soy Candle, and a line of Global Travel Apparel and finds. T. Barnes products retails online at and various boutiques and salons in the US, Caribbean and Africa. In an effort to build the T. Barnes community the company host A Lifestyle of Beauty Retreats around the world in January of each year and host a T. Barnes Beauty “Go Where the Love Is” Summer in Anguilla. You can find the brand on social media at the following links:

YouTube Show "Living Beauty" with T. Barnes: tbarnesbeauty Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: