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Event Blogging In November

This season kicked off with a busy November. Trying to balance, life, work, entrepreneurial opportunities, blogging and being a mom....( am sure I left a few things out lol) is not always the easiest of task. Nevertheless I am keeping my commitment to write at least once a month (no one said that it would be easy right??)

Event Blogging, can be quite the experience. It is most times unpredictable, because you do not know what is going to be the turn out, but the surprise element can be so rewarding. I am venturing more into Event Blogging, where you can contact me to attend and review your event. I know most times as bloggers we attend the events that are relevant to our industry, but I think that in order for you to keep abreast off ALL the trends, attending different events is of essence, not to mention that it is a great platform to network. 

I had the pleasure of attending Vanity's First Beauty Festival Vanity First St.Maarten It was 3 days of beauty activities with various brands like Black Up Cosmetics, Sisley, Sisheido, Hoise 99 & Many More. On Friday which, was when I attended, it was a Black affair, hosted by my dear friend and local radio personality, Elektra. If you have been to any of her events, you should know that you can always expect the unexpected: fire dancer and a group of women dancing to the electric slide in the middle of the Boardwalk. We had champagne....a pop up bar, mini makeovers, hand facials, beauty advice, skin analysis, gift with purchase just to mention a few...Most importantly we had each other and were ready to have fun fun fun!!

Yours truly got a chance to test one of Black Up's The 2 in 1 lip contour pencil from blacklUp combines a contour and lipstick to define, enhance and sculpt your lips. Adopt the ombré lips with two-toned lipstick! In a blink of an eye, it allows you to create ombré lips thanks to two shades that go perfectly together, specially selected to show up perfectly on darker skin tones.

Another event that I had the pleasure of attending was the official Launch of Piper-Heidsieck which is a Champagne house founded by Florens-Louis Heidsieck on July 16, 1785 in Reims. Heidsieck joined with Piper in October 1839. In the late 1980s, Piper-Heidsieck became part of the Rémy Cointreau wine and spirits group. Piper-Heidsieck is currently distributed by CC1 St.Maarten  no stranger to the world of wines and spirits.

The launch and tasting were for three of the brands: Cuvée Brut, Brut de Rosé and Demi-Sec French Riviera. Another brand, the prestigious Rare Champagne, was re-released last year. Only 11 vintages have been released since 1976. The French Riviera was my favorite as it is for a sweeter palate.

What I liked about the image of Piper-Heidsieck is the creativity behind the brand. It is really a fun and flirty brand, I can definitely see everyone having fun  while drinking this champagne.”

The creativity and fun side of the brand was reflected in the accessories – the pink lipstick wine cooler, another cooler in the shape of an ice cream cone, and a pink handbag for a bottle and two glasses, perfect for a premium gift.  

Piper-Heidsieck has been the exclusive champagne for the annual Oscars ceremony since 2015. But the breaking news of the evening was the Wine Spectator announcement on November 19, 2019, that Piper-Heidsieck Cuvée Brut is the only champagne featured in its top 100 list of wines for 2019. It is also the most awarded champagne house of the century with more than 300 awards and more than 100 gold medals.

 There are will always be events that you can directly relate to, for me, they give me the opportunity to mingle, meet new people and blog about amazing experiences that I can share with my readers.


Ruffled Jumpsuit: Monif C. 

Styling: Kerai Kreative Style 


Womanity Fest: From Vision To Reality

I have not written for the blog for over a year, after a rough delivery with my second baby, a new job and new mommy’s challenges, I lost my flow. And even if I had a flow, I had very little time: Life Happens, and that is a REALITY. Every woman has a different journey in getting back on track, after a new baby...some of us can bounce back with the snap of a finger, and some of us need a little more time, I am okay with being part of the latter.

Having said that, I found myself suffering from a writer's block. As any Blogger will know, consistency is key to growing and maintaining your audience. I did not want to lose results that I worked very hard in creating and therefore I created a temporary loophole:  I decided to focus on engagement on Social Media, for that is always easier to maintain and you can be "Kreative" as you are a career Mom-On-The-Go! The month of march is significant for me, because Women are highlighted across the globe. Women's Day is a rendition of our strength.  

I am one to think that women should be celebrated throughout the year. Whether you chose to celebrate you, or someone else decides to show your appreciation, we have without a doubt enough reasons to celebrate WOMAN / SISTER HOOD. The month of March on the island buzzed with a schedule that would keep women entertained, informed and educated about different topics that affects us. I was happy to finally see the vision of a long time business relation and good friend come to life!

Mercedes Wyatt, affectionately known as "Elektra", is a radio personality and an advocate for Women Empowerment through our community.  Elektra had an idea a few years back, that she shared with me, where we discussed that she would love to do a "Womanity Fest". Where different activities would be created surrounding the month of March and relevant to women topics and current issues. I remember discussing the objective and approaching different companies, while collaborating with local women's institution. We understood that it would take a community effort to make this a reality. Fast forward to 2019: Women's Desk, Safe Haven, Positive Foundation & Elektralytes Foundation and  joined forces to make the month of March all about women and a real WOMANITY FEST.

I was lucky to be have been a guest and attended the closing event: "Hats, Heels & Clutches" at Emilio's Restaurant on March 31st. This event was derived from Anguilla, the official host of Hats& Heels Foundation, an organization that was created to give the victims of domestic abuse a voice.

If you missed March 31st, just like Hats & Heels Anguilla, it was an afternoon designed to show ourselves that #womenmatter, that we are fighting for gender equity and that we are clearly advancing to surpass positions in society beyond our expectations.

It was an afternoon filled with empowering words, but not words that are meant for you to forget, but a clear message that signifies our strength and that we should not forget. Womanity Fest was a celebration, that I hope to see annually, I project its growth and look forward to a more extended involvement from the business community. Congratulations to a dear friend for the fight and the push to make her vision a reality!!

Details on the Outfit 

Makeup by: Makeup By Falana 

Dress: Karen's On Line Boutique (Coming Soon) 

Shoes: T's Closet 

Hair: Celebrity Salon By Samantha Smith



Shanice Powell: It Is Beyond The Crown


“Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories so make every day last a lifetime”. Miss Shanice Powell is a jewel of the beautiful island of St. Maarten. Born in the melting pot of the Caribbean 25 years ago. In 2017 Shanice became our Senior Carnival Queen and she has been representing our island and delivering substance and quality to every show she has taken part so far.

Kerai Kreative Style, had the opportunity to sip and chat a bit about her reign, her goals and what it really means to represent your country with a passion that goes beyond winning that “Crown”. In a very warm and refreshing setting, at The Coffee Lounge in Philipsburg, I was able to catch up with Shanice and her team as we did a recap of the past months:

  • So, Shanice, you won the heart of our local community in April, when you delivered your performance during our Carnival Celebrations. What has happened since then?

To be honest, it went from one show to the next. Myself and my team already had a line up in mind regarding regional participation. It kicked off in Anguilla, followed by Antigua and finally ending in Nevis. This all happen on a very short time frame, and it only meant that we had to work harder. I think St. Maarten expected me to take a break after the Carnival, but this is my reigning year and I am going to make every second count.

  • Let us talk about the community support that you have been receiving, has it been surprising?

I can honestly say that it has been an overwhelming pouring of love and support. The island has been so receptive of me representing our country abroad and I could not be happier. Every social media message, every text message, every affirmation of success throughout this journey is a result of everything me and team have put in. It is clear, and not only because I am the one representing, that St. Maarten has so much to offer and so much for the world to see, that every moment on that stage I gave it my 300 %, regardless of what the outcome may turn out to be.   

  • Now we all know, that participating in pageants is expensive, however, we have seen a lack of financial support towards pageantry over the last years. What would you say to the business community of St. Maarten in terms of this?

I strongly believe that we are capable up representing companies / sponsors on a professional level. It is important for the business community to be open to listening to the delegates as they are vying for the title of St. Maarten. On the other hand, it is also imperative for you as an individual to understand your role and to be able to present your plan of action as a competent candidate to potential sponsors. 

  • There is clearly a wave of positive energy that follows you, but we are realistic and aware that there is also negativity out there. How do you deal with that and how do you deal with failure?

Although it is not always easy, I try to shut down any negativity around me and fo'cus on all the positive energy from my team and the people that truly understand the sacrifices and the drive that I have shown as your Ms. St.Maarten. It makes little sense to focus on the things that you cannot change. I give it my all and for me it has always been beyond winning the crown. Yes you feel disappointed, but for me it is about my reach, the networking that I increase and the wonderful women that I will meet during my journey. Again it is about putting our best out there in terms of Country St.Maarten.

  • What is the one thing that you would like to see change in terms of the community involvement towards pageantry?

I would like to emphasize that after the Carnival Celebrations and the results of who walks away with the crown, we need to maintain that same level of unity as a Country. When you go out there, you take a little bit of St.Maarten with you and try to represent the diversity of what being a St.Maartener is. However, I feel or I should say have observed, that although we have so many pageant professionals on the island, that there has been little feedback from them towards the reigning queen and I hope to see this grow. Where in the future everyone contributes to the full representation of our country in another’s queen territory!

  • That is an interesting statement, can you elaborate a little bit more on that?

Most naturally you enter competitions, because you want to win. In my case I want my year of reign to give back the hope and faith to the local and regional market that St.Maarten is on the Pageantry map! That we are not only about sunny beaches and laid back attitude. That we really are capable of dominating an industry, where other countries are better known for. When was the last time we had a Ms. World raise our flag during a pageant? It has been quite a while, and since then Pageantry has certainly changed. The criteria for winning a pageant, is not only based on Beauty, but based n different components: your intellect, your goals as a Queen, your involvement and a consistent delivery of your performances.  

  • What else can we expect from Ms. St.Maarten in terms of projects for the remaining of your reign?

Most definitely, you can rest assure that me and my team will not give up. We have a series of workshops lined up, where we will engage with our local community and optimize my time to motivate and encourage others to go behind their dreams. In addition to this, I am also looking forward to my next pageant which will take place this coming December in St.Kitts. I have a powerful team and together we will bring our visions to life as we continue promoting St.Maarten to the best of our ability.

On behalf of the team of Kerai Kreative Style we would like to thank Ms. St.Maarten, the dynamic Shanice Powell for granting us this exclusive interview and we do wish her much success in all her future endeavors. We are sure that she will strive on representing St. Maarten beyond our expectations. We would also like t thank our hosting interview spot: The Coffee Lounge. I absolutely love that place: Java Chip, being my favorite!

The Coffee Lounge

Please follow her official Facebook page, or via her production team and remain abreast of her journey, as she share with us Pageantry and more: 

Shanice Powell

P & N Reigning Entertainment



Kerai Kreative Style & Food, Fashion & Beauty Expo Host Girls Trip Movie Premiere

The long-awaited Summer release of Girls Trip is finally here. A film that is very familiar to any group of friends took over last night's big screens at our very own Megalex. We can boast about the fact that we saw it FIRST (even before the American & the European markets).

Kenty Lichtenberg of Kerai Kreative Style joined forces with Clarissa Mardenborough of Food, Fashion & Beauty Expo.  & T. Carty of Island Spirits N.V to organize a movie night for friends on July 20th. After reaching out to different businesses to partner up with them, the ladies created a cocktail hour, sponsored by Island Spirits. About thirty women came out and had almost two hours of fun and chit chat that surrounded group traveling and of course planning their next Girls Trip while treating their taste buds to a true mixology experience.

The film was hilarious, what I enjoyed the most is that it really was about the trip, not the background stories of who these women were. Just Like Sex And The City, Friends, Living Single, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air....every character sounded like one of our friends! It is no surprise that it broke the records during their opening weekend for women were planning for months to turn out in numbers and watch this movie that would enable them to share laughter and even a walk down memory lane from their last "Girls Trip"! 

The event took place at the Megaplex Party Room where the ladies were welcomed by Island's Spirits Champagne Bar and more. We were happy to have SEL Maduro & Sons as the chosen travel expert, to share some tips and ideas when it came to travel in groups, which can be challenging if you do not have the right dynamics in the group. Also present were La Beauty Room, showcasing a sample of the unique items that are available at her store. While the ladies mingled and laughed, they were treated to sweet treats by MMM Delights & Irresistible Desserts and Gourmet Popcorn by La Beauty Room. The whole idea behind this movie night was to come together and share some of our traveling tips and experiences, right in the middle of our vacation period, many of us are still contemplating taking a quick getaway and it is always great to know your options. Although most people make their travel bookings on line, we think the personal touch of an agent is always is simply called "the Human Touch. Which is why we thought partnering up with SEL Maduro & Sons was a good idea. SEL Maduro & Sons promoted their upcoming group trips Dominica ‘World Creole Festival” Travel Package: 27th to 30th October, 2017 and Miami “Black Friday” Package: Thursday 23rd November to Sunday 26th November, 2017. SEL Maduro & Sons can be reached at + 1 721 54 23410.

During this cocktail - hour the ladies were treated to goodie bags provided by SEL Maduro & Sons and Island Sprits. The ladies also won different prizes by playing Travel Trivia's and were challenged to test their overall knowledge about the world. There also was the opportunity to have pictures taken, coverage by Snap It Studios and one of our young upcoming photographer Mr. Kaie La Touche.

We are big on women empowerment, networking and collaborating, and it took a group of phenomenal women to put this event together, and although catering to a small group, the coordination and planning behind the scenes is always key. It was amazing to see it all come together and we hope to be able to continue doing a series of events that will promote friendship, education and lifestyle.

Last but not least we would like to acknowledge the sponsors of last night's event:

Island Spirits N.V., Megaplex St.Maarten, MMM Delights, Irresistible Desserts, SnapIt Studios, Food Fashion & Beauty Expo, Angelic Touch Spa, The Breakfast Box, Kerai Kreaitive Style, Our Sound Provider Mr. Lugene Hughes, Rentasound, SEL Maduro & Sons, La Beauty Room & Ms. Astrid Davelaar. We thank you for coming on board and look forward too many more collaborations.

We would like to encourage everyone to visit our Social Media Pages, as this is the most accessible platform to follow any future events.




You Are A Queen; Your Crown Is Always On!

Over the last few years, organizers of pageants have worked diligently in changing the overall concept of Beauty Queens. The idea is for them to focus on the humanitarian and community aspect of their role within society once they are crowned.  On St.Maarten we are glad to be able to also contribute to this principle via our very own Pageant Organization: Posh Productions, under the leadership of Mrs. Anna Rabess – Richardson.

Their core objectives include assisting and strengthening the entertainment and tourism industry of St. Maarten through highlighting our island’s cultural heritage and natural talents with promotional packages and advertisements that will draw participants, spectators and viewers locally, regionally and internationally.

This past weekend I was honored to have been invited to a Meet & Greet, organized by Posh Productions, where we welcomed Mrs. Haiti International 2017: Mrs. Judy Leger. It was such an intimate and powerful experience, where our reigning 2017 Carnival Queens, were able to share 2 hours of discussing topics beyond the “crown”.

She was able to share her platform, which is Domestic Violence Awareness. Being a survivor herself, she opted to start speaking for others long before pageantry. Her drive and passion of wanting to empower other women / families in fragile positions is commendable and worth sharing with the rest of the world. Soft spoken and with vibrant energy she shared her vision and the fact that it will continue to live on way after her reign. She is driven by leaving behind a legacy for her children that goes beyond any monetary value.

Mrs. Haiti International 2017, was sure to emphasize to our Queens, that their motivation should not derive from material compensation, but from genuinely being able to help others and be that person to make a difference in our community. Listening to this phenomenal woman, and seeing how she transformed her life lessons into a voice that she is using to reach out and positively influence others was truly worth every second of my time. I would recommend you to follow Judy as she continues to do great things and remember to cast those votes!



Summer Blogging Chronicles By Kerai Kreative Style

When I look back at almost a year and a half of blogging, it amazes me that I took so long to do something that I really love. Blogging has connected me to some amazing and powerful women in various industries across the globe. There is so much that we have to say, so much topics to discuss and so many mutual empowerment that can be done. It has truly been a mind blowing experience. 

This month I am humbled that I can share some of my blogging accomplishments with you as a reader that takes time out of their busy schedule to read what I have to share with you. July 1st, I was invited to be a guest speaker for SLAY Conference. A conference that had as purpose the exchanging of information and motivational components for our young girls. It was truly an honor to share the stage with 2 other powerful women, that are dominating their industries, goals and life. We wanted to share with our young girls, that once you put your mind to it, and use your resources and support system strategically, you too can accomplish your goals! The B3 Lifestyle team did a wonderful job and I cannot wait for the next conference.