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Hi! Welcome to my blog! I am Kenty Lichtenberg and Kerai Kreative Style is the common place that I created with the intention of informing, educating and empowering Plus Sized Caribbean women just like me to express themselves in any way they want and choose to, through style and beauty.

How this blog came about

I have always had a specific style in which I combine basic pieces that fit me well and are comfortable, with items that reflect the latest trends of the fashion industry, colorful accessories and shoes. I also love to play with makeup and different hairstyles. Because of my job in Marketing I am always organizing and attending events where I meet lots of people from all walks of life who come to me and ask me about my outfit, hair, shoes, you name it! I truly enjoy sharing all my style and beauty tips with anyone who’s interested so I decided to create a platform that is accessible for everyone, at any time and from any place: my blog Kerai Kreative Style!

About me

This blog is my greatest hobby. Besides blogging I love travelling, reading and shaking it up at Zumba. I am the mother of two lovely sons, the life partner of a wonderful man, the daughter of a doting mother, and a full time Marketer. I am blessed with great friends and a huge network of all sorts of people in the very diverse and resilient community on the Island of Sint Maarten.  

I was born in 1980 on the beautiful island of The Dominican Republic. My mother is Dominican and my father is from Curacao. As a little girl I moved to wonderful Sint Maarten where I grew up and attended Elementary and High School. In 2001 I left my island life and moved to The Netherlands to go to College. I chose Tourism & Leisure Management and my proficiency in languages, communication skills and ability to organize showed me that I made the right choice. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Leisure Management and returned home in 2006.


As faith would have it, the tourism industry was not where I would start my career as a professional woman. I started working as an Office Manager for a wholesale agent for beauty products and pharmaceuticals. I was soon promoted to Operational Manager and after that I became the Sales & Marketing Manager.

Marketing soon became a very important and vibrant part of my life. My main goal is to always create and execute marketing activities that surpass the expectations of clients and consumers. I am always striving for quality and innovation. Collaboration with local companies and resources, to me, is the key to success in this field of work. I believe that in anything you do, education and sharing your knowledge is what will make you successful, for this is how you gain the trust and respect of your peers. 

Miscellaneous Info You Might Want To Know About Me:

  • I am 5’3
  • I weigh 110 KG of Fabulosity 
  • I currently fluctuate between a 16 & 18 (At some point I have been a size 20, after my first baby)
  • My Collection of earrings will make any accessory store JEALOUS 😉
  • I love doing my nails, they are bold and after 18 years of doing them, they are even more important than getting my hair done! After all the first thing that you use to meet people is a handshake…NOT your hair.
  • I have too many shoes to actually count them…. but please know that this is how I start my outfit!
  • Yes…I live within the Hurricane belt…I have been through at least 20 since 1989 Hugo was the first that I can remember!
  • My FAVORITE time of the year is April: Carnival Junkie. I invite you to come and experience it….it is like no other.
  • I would love to share what my favorite food with you but I am “Culinary Exposed” to so many cultures and flavors that this would be impossible!
  • Makeup is an “Universe” and therefor I play with everything!!
  • My bucket list of Clothing Ensemble: A Royal African wear or an Original Kaftan
  • My music genre changes with my moods and I could never stick to one playlist at a time: I can go from Machel Montano to Prince in a split second (my son hates my music compilations in the car because they make no sense…to HIM)
  • A movie that I will always love: Love Jones
  • Travel goals: to have so many stamps that I run out of pages LONG before my passport can expire.