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Phillipsburg, St. Maarten: May 26-28th completed a weekend long celebration and launch of The T’s Closet T. Barnes Organic Skincare and Cosmetics Beauty Counter. St. Maarten is the home of many beauty brands but very few offering healthy alternatives to the population’s skincare and cosmetic needs. On an island filled with product choices T’s Closet has introduces a product line that is conscious of the long term dangers of depositing toxins and chemicals into the skin and especially formulated for skin of color.

T’s Closet is a boutique known for it’s high level of quality clothing and now also for quality skincare and cosmetics. T’s Closet becomes a mini department store where you can literally be dressed from head to toe from skincare, to undergarments, to outfits spanning casual, business and formal, to a full face of make-up. Beyond the products the counter will be offering services as well to educate on proper skincare regimens and performing make-up services for weekend nights out and special events. T’s closet is a place that you can come empty handed and leave completely ready for your event or occasion. The counter will also extend beyond the store.

A T’s Barnes Beauty team lead by Kenty Lichtenberg will be available for facial and make-up parties at the location of your choice! Ultimately the successful launch of the brand on the island is just a preview to the many exciting and fun opportunities to come for St. Maarten with T’s Closet and The T. Barnes brand.

  1. Barnes Beauty, LLC is a lifestyle brand out of the United States but serving the global community. The brands offer T. Barnes Organic Skincare, healthy cosmetics, bath and body, the T. Barnes Signature Soy Candle, and a line of Global Travel Apparel and finds. T. Barnes products retails online at and various boutiques and salons in the US, Caribbean and Africa. In an effort to build the T. Barnes community the company host A Lifestyle of Beauty Retreats around the world in January of each year and host a T. Barnes Beauty “Go Where the Love Is” Summer in Anguilla. You can find the brand on social media at the following links:

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