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Live With T.Barnes Beauty

To meet the demand of her growing clientele, T Barnes has created her own holistic skincare line. “I can only improve your skin with your help” say Esthetician T. Barnes. At home care is the key to sustaining the results of a facial. Water does not cleanse pores; soap strips the skin of necessary moisture causing fine lines and wrinkles. T. Barnes is a natural skincare line made with organic ingredients, so meticulous that distilled water is used over tap water, formulated to cleanse and treat the skin.

This PARABEN FREE, line is rich in nutrients and essential oils that are deep pore-cleansing, anti-bacterial, hydrating and full of anti-oxidants that fight against aging skin. T. Barnes skincare is a simple but effective cleansing routine that can be done twice daily to keep your skin cleansed, exfoliated, balanced and moisturized. The paraben free, natural skincare solution for both men and women.

Barnes Cosmetics is a mineral make-up line that is 100% pure, environmentally friendly, mineral makeup derived from earth’s natural resources. Our products contain only the highest grade ingredients. No harsh chemicals or dyes are ever used,” It is make-up so healthy you can sleep in it.” Our products are designed for sensitive skin and are ophthalmologist tested. Our products are never tested on animals.

T.Barnes Beauty In A Nutshell

 T.Barnes is locally distributed On St.Maarten by:

  • T's Closet
  • Relooking Slimming Center & Spa