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Corporate Fashion Wednesdays

A Daily Struggle for many of us that are in the corporate world (and love being a fashionista) is to find the proper attire for your everyday office look. Many factors do influence this, personal style, budget, corporate guidelines and your ability to re create looks with standard pieces that are already in your closet.

While many companies have corporate apparel available, the norm in our the Caribbean region (and our culture) is that most times depending on your managerial level, it is acceptable not to wear any corporate apparel. Although I understand the benefits: there are substantial reasons to have a corporate policy for a business casual dress, not only for morale, but also things such as increased productivity and perceived benefits. clothing business is also a great idea to publicize the company.

However this is easier said then done, how many of us end up sometimes being late because of the simple fact that we cannot coordinate our attire in the morning. Between the prepping the kids for school and trying to beat the clock, it can turn into a serious setback.

what works for me is that I have been able to select the basics that will help me create different daily looks. The idea is to be able to dress it up or down, but remain with a clean professional look. I consider Wednesdays to be my favorite day to showcase some fashion on the job, it helps me get through faster and also weekend looks so much closer.

This particular corporate look:  

  • Red pencil skirt (a must have in your wardrobe)
  • Black chiffon blouse
  • Leopard print cardigan / blazer (considered neutral because you can match it with almost any color)
  • Makeup: T.Barnes Beauty Day Face

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