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African Accessories: A Global Trend & Locally Available

African patterns represent color and boldness. Throughout the years, designers have learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the African Fashion. Two very dominant African Fashion countries are Ghana & Nigeria. African jewelry’s are known for their quality and beauty all over the world.

There are many types of African jewelry’s such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other types of tribal African jewelry. Jewelry made from Africana and Africa can be great gifts for men, for women even for children.

From the beginning of 2016, we noticed a shift in fashion towards this continent when it comes to accessories and unique, out of the box styling. Continent of Africa is the birth place of human and mankind civilization. It is also the place where people first wore and made jewelry. In Kenya over 40,000 years ago, beads were made from different materials and most of the time wood and different stones were the main materials. As time moved on Africa, the Africans craftsmen improved and developed their jewelry making techniques and today those products of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

I am lucky enough to be globally linked to great entrepreneurs that have made it possible for me to be able to obtain show stoppers pieces. Having a more bod a daring style I always look for that item that is going to stand out. With these African rope, bold necklaces you will definitely be making a statement. they are perfect to make that solid "black" pop:

I love stacking them up, because it gives you a more dramatic look. However I have discovered that if you do one single piece on a white top / tube dress, it is absolutely stunning! The idea is to keep it simple on the ears, small studs or knobs will do it to complete this look. Having your hair away from your face also helps accentuate the boldness of the colors and the different pieces.

On these left picture I have in Brazilian Body Wave and on the right picture I am rocking natural puff.

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