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Chrome CRAZE

Mirror nails, also known as chrome nails, have captured the attention of beauticians around the world

The chic look created in a number of stunning shiny colours.

It is so eye catching that video tutorials of the look being created have fascinated the social media users and the nail technicians as well

"For this particular look I used black base #188 from Da Pro Gel on the ring finger.

On the other nails I used chrome on top of the no wipe top coat also from Da Pro Gel"

My way of applying the chrome:

  • base (cure)
  • black gel #188 (cure)
  • no wipe top coat (cure)
  • apply chrome evenly, dust away excess
  • no wipe top coat

If a second application is needed, just apply chrome and top coat again making sure to cap the tips and VOILA!

This can also be used with regular gel top coat, by wiping off the tacky layer before applying chrome!

Application Tip By: Da Professional Gel Color -

Chameleon Chrome by DaProfessional Gel Color

My Nails: Purple Ombre Nails By My Nail Technician:

Both ladies have amazing talent & a  clientele base that will follow their every step as they are on top of the latest nail trends and developments that are globally taking place.