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Day & Night Party Look!

Christmas Day / Night Party Look : Soft Pinks With A Glitter Glam Twist

Christmas Season is usually a month full of events ], not only on our sweet Caribbean Island of St.Maarten but globally. This is the period that people choose to travel, create memories, LOOK & FEEL good and of course spend a considerably amount of funds and time on theirself.

We wanted to showcase a light day - makeup look that could be transitioned into a night of party glam.

The look was inspired by Photo Shoot Director Ms. Soidi Illis and executed by upcoming makeup artist rookie Ms. Altisha Pantophlet. Both local and talented young ladies that are collaborating with Kerai Kreative Style to bring you edgy, out of the box looks, tips and style inspiration.

We have compiled a list of the products that were used that day. Feel free to visit some of the listed websites and get your glam on!!!!

Product Compilation by: Altisha Pantophlet

 Makeup is about experimenting & having fun. makeup Artists are known for exploring options and brands to accommodate their clientele. As a regular consumer you should not be afraid of doing the same. I do suggest following a basic / intro makeup course that could be locally available.

The next very important element is to ensure that you have good quality tools for makeup application, believe me when I tell you that will make a difference!

Have Fun Ladies....Think Of Your Face As A Canvas!