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Burgundy Is The New "BLACK" - My Vintage Modern Look!

Use of the word Burgundy is probably a major fashion faux pas in fashion. This deep red hue to the fashionista is more commonly referred to  as “Oxblood” which started trending during autumn winter fashion week 2012/2013. Fast forward 3 years and it’s once again a firm favorite to be seen in this season. Except I refuse to call it Oxblood, I just can’t do it, it sounds quite gruesome don’t you think?  With that being said my Pinterest board is bursting in Burgundy, I’m literally obsessed with this bloody color, it reminds me of a fine red wine a nice Bordeaux or Merlot, which is a far better image to have in my head than that of a bleeding Ox.

Alcoholics Anonymous aside, this color is what needs to be hanging in your wardrobe this season, it is very complimentary on all skin tones and it is very versatile.  Burgundy is indeed the new black, yes I said it. Wear accessories as an accent color to give emphasis to an outfit. Alternatively jump on the all Burgundy everything looks  trend. It’s a super lux alternative to all black, especially when mixing different textures together.

Not convinced check out a few of my Pins below and shop my best Burgundy picks.

Below Are Some Links That I Hope Will Make Your Selection Easier & Fun!