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Five Reasons Why You Should Wear A Statement Piece!

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Statement pieces of jewelry allow women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate, and interesting people. Statement jewelry is nothing new, but many women will avoid wearing bold accessories because they do not feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone. By considering these Five tips, women can find statement pieces of jewelry that will make a positive statement to the wearer as well as the public.

For thousands of years, people have used clothing and accessories to portray who they are. Such items have long symbolized class as well as religious and cultural identities. Consider Jackie O's trademark black sunglasses. Above and beyond keeping the sun out of Jackie's eyes, they symbolized who Jackie was. People continue to use accessories, mainly jewelry, to make statements about who they are and what they value.

1. To Make a Simple Outfit More Interesting:

Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or black trousers and a classic white top, a simple outfit
can often look boring. Adding a statement necklace is a great way to make the outfit look complete.

2. To Dress Up a Casual Look:

Going to brunch at a nice restaurant instead of just grabbing a quick bite?
Add a statement necklace to your casual weekend look to create a more polished style.


3. To Make a Tomboy Look More Feminine:

To avoid looking completely like a boy in your sweatshirt and ripped jeans,
throw on a statement necklace for that touch of feminine flare.

4. To Complete a Bold Look:

If you’re going bold with prints and pops of color, tie the look together with a statement necklace.

5. To Make Your Work Attire More Playful:

Add an intricate statement necklace to a structured office look for a bit of playful texture.

Here are some of my favorite picks: