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Glamorous Hairtopia: Social Mixer (January 21st, 2017)

On January 21st, Glamorous Hairtopia held their 1st in store event for 2017: The Social Mixer.

Glamorous Hairtopia is located in the heart of Marigot. Their Mission  is to supply natural and healthy hair products to whoever wants to return natural and are already natural in an intimate and welcoming environment that is distinct from your traditional Beauty Supply Store.

Glamorous Hairtopia Natural Hair Product Boutique/salon fills the gaps found in local beauty salons with limited natural product diversity, as well as the limited and poor selection of natural hair products found in traditional. We take great pride in providing our customers with a comprehensive selection of natural hair products and our commitment to customer service.

Proud owner, Mrs. Beatrice Richardson - Piper, has been on a natural journey for the past 5 years.  It all started when she encountered a scalp condition, that forced her to return back to her natural coils via doing the famous and scary "BIG CHOP". In 2015, she started a Facebook group (Naturellement Belle in SXM), where naturalistas exchanged valuable information on the process.  This was derived from the many queries she received from women regarding the maintenance of natural hair.

In 2016 she opened the doors to "Glamorous Hairtopia" and her aim was to do things different by using a form of in store marketing  that will create that trust and relationship between her and the client. A "Sanctuary" where women, could come for guidance and education of their natural hair journey.

Glamorous Hairtopia represents brands like: Shea Moisture, Obia Natural Hair Care, Carols Daughter, Alikay Naturals and Natural Girls Rock Accessories (earrrings, t-shirts etc).

A specific brand "Shea4All" stood out to me as it is made and package on our very own 37 square miles of talent. Shea4all is made with 10 different beneficial oils for your hair, making this a great treatment for hair growth.

In addition to this they also carry a variety of African prints tops, African prints covered clutches, and sandals.

If you are not too sure which direction to go with your natural hair, or are you looking to gain fundamental information, they also offer a variety of services and consultations:

In The Journey Consulting

For those who have already engaged in The Natural Hair Journey but Still Have Questions or Difficulties based How to do's... & Products to use... & When to use.

Transition Consulting

Going Back to Their Natural roots...Some Start With the Big Chop...Some want to keep their hair & be able to Transition Over which is a bit More Time demanding...So I Advise On How to go about it & the products and techniques to help during that journey.

Hair Type Consulting

it is a great struggle for woman who have chosen to return to their roots to decide on what products to use for their hair types......I consult Your Hair, Determine Your Hair Type & Suggest You the best possible products.

They are continuing with the in store event, and on January 28th they are having a makeup workshop event by: (will insert event flyer here with details)

  • Glamorous Hairtopia will continue to promote events via their official Facebook Page:

  • Via their instore consumer events
  • Via their individual consultations
  • In the event that there are any relevant local expos or trade shows

For any queries you can contact them on: #12, Palais Caribes (Le Patio), Marigot. Tel# +590 690 66-0901