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Just D.A.N.C.E by SnapitStudios & Ameera Groeneveldt


Psychological and medical research has revealed that dancing can do wonders for your mental, physical, and emotional health. However a surprise is that dancing also improves your brain function on many different levels.

Many times society implies that dancing is also a reflection of your physical capability and endurance. It is to be expected that someone that is on the "heavier" side, cannot possibly dance to their full capacity.

During the last few years, the evolution of plus size women in industries that we only dared to dream of, has been astronomical. With this came the confirmation and motivation that once you put your mind to it, the results are limitless.

This is the reason that when I saw this project of "Just D.A.N.C.E", I immediately was intrigued and wanted to get more information about it. I contacted Ms. Ameera Groeneveldt and she did a great job in filtering everything that I needed to know.

During an extensive but dynamic interview, we were able to discuss and share with our audience how this project was born.

"Ever since I was a little girl I loved dancing. Unfortunately I was the only FAT girl in my ballet class. Meaning that I stood  out when I didn't want to. My tutu and leotard were way to tight because they didn't make ballet clothing in my size, taking all those negative factors into consideration, I decided to quit......Worse decision ever.

Now as an adult I was challenged by my partner to do something that makes me happy. Immediately I thought about a day at the SPA. Since I love being pampered. Then he told me to dig deeper and think back from my childhood. It took me days but I finally had an answer. Dancing! 

Creativity was not encouraged in my home. It was not seen as a career choice and because of that I lost a big piece of happiness that I didn't even know I had. But now that the flame of excitement started to burn, dancing was all I could think about. How it made me feel so good. Like I could do anything..... Be anyone. The sky was the limit. I was beginning to feel the joy I once had and never knew that I lost.

My partner said that he wanted to do something to empower women to feel good, look good and be confident about themselves. Photography, fashion and self confident building sessions are just some of the ways on how he plans on doing it. He saw how hurt women are and decided to do something about it. he inspired me to also do the same. So I decided to contribute to his movement by doing something for women, I wished someone would have done for me when I needed it the most, by doing something I loved and still love: Dancing

DANCE had to have an action and meaning to it. So we decided to give it a meaning. Discover New Confident Energy. Dancing makes me come alive and that's how I want them to feel. I want them to experience a bonding experience like no other. To learn to love the body that they have now while they loose the weight. To look at themselves in the mirror and accept who they see and love what they see. To be in a group of women who they can relate to where they don't stick out and feel FAT, ugly or stupid. Instead they would feel sexy, loved, respected and capable of doing anything they set their minds to. These women will forever be changed for the better".

Although we shared a lot of information the words bonding and empowerment will always stand out. The struggles of weight loss, depression, low self steem, corporate stress etc. all are factors that not only plus size women, but women in general struggle with on a daily basis.

Any platform that can be used to educate, enhance and promote positive body image and self acceptance needs to be supported not only locally or regionally, but globally. It is with this background that an open house was created where your questions could be answered and where you can observe in details the content of this project / program:

I would surely encourage you to visit the open house, with an objective mind and willingness to learn about this new and exciting program. Make it an outing with your friends, and see if its something that will help you....healing is a process and sometimes we have to use our non traditional sources to complete that journey.