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Today I am finally able to share this editorial piece with my readers. In January I decided to just contact different regional magazines and see what possible collaborations could take place. A very enthusiastic Kayra Williams (editor SHE Caribbean) welcomed me on board and once I told her what I wanted to write about, it was a green light.

This blog is relatively young, but believes in the POWER of networking. Collaborating with individuals is how you build a powerhouse NETWORK. I have always been in favor of assisting my peers in whatever way I can, your success is a reflection of me as well and it is reason enough to celebrate it TOGETHER.

With this particular project, as it is expected, deadlines had to be made and guidelines had to be followed. Not that I consider this the most difficult part. My challenge was getting a team together that would work with me and understand my vision and that of SHE Caribbean.

After 2 months of preparation and picking out the topic that I wanted to write about, there was also the fact that I had to submit a few pictures, as this was part of the selection procedure. Most naturally this involved: Hair, Makeup, Styling! I was able to get assistance from wonderful dynamic young entrepreneurs, that gave it their all to ensure that this editorial piece was a success. Is that vanity? No it is ensuring that the quality of this blog is high and professional. SHE Caribbean is a top Magazine and it needs to be treated as such!  My aim is to slowly but surely cover different regions / countries while being my own brand ambassador. Branding & visuals go together, it was imperative for my branding for this piece to be impeccable. As a marketer I think that too many times we forget the power of a truly says MORE than 1000 words!

I was more than elated when everything was approved, and although I had to wait a few weeks before sharing it with the world, I was willing to wait the excitement out. The editorial piece was everything that I expected & more. Hard t believe that it is MY story,  that same story will be read by thousands of people in the Caribbean alone. The chance that it also covers international ground is very big and I am totally excited about that part.

Many have asked how do I approach this industry? I approach it head on, while remaining focus but yet humble. Letting my potential partners that I am only there to enhance their already established names. I certainly think that in order to sell yourself , you need to be bold and daring, the passive approach does not always work. This was my first...but as I keep pushing and erasing limitations, this will not be the last!

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Special Credits Goes Out To:

MUA: Falana Alexander Makeup by Falana
Hair Stylist: Nelly's Luxury Boutique Retenella Breedy
Photography / Editing: Artistic Drive Loic Bryan
Stylist: Kerai Kreative Style Kerai Lichtenberg
Wardrobe & Accessories: T's Closet SXM Tamara Lloyd Mercedes Fleming Leandra Reymoundt

Thank You For Jumping On Board & Supporting This When I Approached You & For Your Unconditional Support.