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EXCLUSIVE: Vanity First St.Maarten Offers MakeOvers With International Makeup Artist, Nevyn Ramos

It is always a pleasure to meet new talented people. Blogging is a platform that will expand your network in so many different ways! Being the person that I am, I do not wait on opportunities to knock on my door, I look for those opportunities on a daily basis. This is how I was fortunate enough to meet Guerlain Official Make Up Artist: Nevyn Ramos.

Once I saw that he was going to be on our 37 square feet of paradise, I contacted the organizers: Vanity First St.Maarten. With their main branch being on the French Side of the island, it took me a little coordination but I managed to meet both Ms. Clothilde & Ms. Esperanza (the store managers). They are such warm personalities, I was more than happy to walk them through my Blogger's Journey since 2016 and they are looking forward to collaborations with Kerai Kreative Style.

Originally Out Of Colombia, but residing in Los Angeles, Nevyn's career path was in Marketing, something that I can relate to very well. He worked with different brands and corporation, however somehow he fell into Makeup. He ended up following his heart and now works full time as a Makeup Artist Out Of Hollywood / Los Angeles for events like The Red Carpet, the entertainment and Glam industry and of course the ability to travel and represent high end brands like Guerlain!

Of course we talked about the brand itself and agreed that your flawless makeup, regardless of the brand can only be achieve by having a cleansing regime for your skin. The Famous "CTM" (cleanse, tone & moisturize) formula should not be unfamiliar to you, once you are a makeup lover. These were the same steps he applied prior to commencing my RED carpet glow. Below is a product shot of the 3 products that he used, of course from Guerlain:

After this step we moved on to choosing the best foundation, Lingerie de Peau #5, which includes: SPF 20, satin and silk. Prior to applying my foundation Nevyn applied L'or primer. I have to tell you it feels amazingly against your skin. These are steps that anyone with simple makeup knowledge can easily follow. Guerlain is also paraben / makeupfillers/perfumes FREE and we are very proud to be able to offer our clientele a brand of superior quality.

While Nevyn worked his magic, I had a few questions of my own:

  1. Which step is the correct one, should you apply your foundation first and THEN do your eyebrows? His answer could not have been more logical: "every brand have strategies based on their target group. Based on this the brand will then promote which steps to follow as you apply your makeup."
  2. What is your answer to the very crude statement of "this brand is only for a certain ethnic group"? Because I am sure that it is a question that is constantly asked! He laughs out..."this brand LOVES melanin"! It is a wonderful combination for women of color and the Caribbean, so much so that it blends with your natural PH.
  3. What would be the price range for a start up makeup kit? "the brand specialist smiles and responds...calculate anywhere between $100 - $250 dollars.
  4. Does Vanity First St.Maarten offers FREE Consultations? "Yes we do, by appointments as well as walk -ins, we try to guide our clientele to the most beneficial products while educating them".

My Foundation and eyebrows are ON: below Nevyn added a shimmer highlight eyeshadow and wings that you will see right after:

There are is a very important step and that is to use: Terracota Sun Trio: Terracotta Sun Trio is the first Guerlain bronzing and contouring powder that combines three shades in one palette, to tan, contour and light the complexion.

Nevyn finished off the lips and eyes with: Lips & tint Cheeks / Mascara: Le Petis Robe Noire:

The Final RESULT: Loved It!!

I think if we are more open to ty new things, as women we will discover that the world is full of OPTIONS, I am not only referring to Makeup, clothing etc....but our general perception of being open to changes and discovering the UNKNOWN!

Kerai Kreative Style had an awesome time covering this event and I am sure that the rest of the ladies that attended also had a great time!