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Kerai Kreative Style & The Dynamic Julie - Julie...A Real Power House Straight Out Of Aruba

Her name is Julissa Rodulfo, but everyone knows her as Julie-Julie. She’s been a radio presenter for over 15 years and in her morning program she coaxes you into starting your day “in complete serenity, happiness, joy and excitement.” Morning Power is a melting pot of entertainment news, current social affairs, inspirational information to get your day started on a positive note, savvy commentary, intriguing discussion topics and stories. It’s where you stay on top of everything that happens in life in Aruba and the rest of planet earth. Julie-Julie combines this with Top-40 music from all over the world as well as the local Arubian flavor.

The icing on the cake is her voice, pronunciation and intonation. Her voice is crisp and sweet, while her pronunciation is very sharp. I love how she rolls those "R's". Her intonation blends everything together on a wave of calmness and audible joy. 

Julie-Julie is not only a radio presenter. She is a wife, a mother and the Arubian Social Media Queen. She is a successful entrepreneur owning a production company, a wedding planning company and a sports and weight loss center especially for women. My experience on her radio show was more than I could ever expect. A very candid and down to earth person, Julie-Julie welcomed me into the studio and made me feel completely at home. We did the interview in Papiamento, the native language of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. While I was worried about sounding a bit rickety, Julie-Julie made that feeling of unease disappear with her warmth and the positive vibes she emulated.

She’s planning a girl’s getaway for her birthday together with her friends. Who knows, we might be able to welcome her to our beautiful St. Maarten! Are you curious to get to know Julie-Julie? Tune in to het program on Power FM 101.7 from 8.00 to 10.00 AM. As a true social media queen, you can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Just search for Julie-Julie. It’s not only a name, it’s a brand!