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#GoodMorningChronicles By Aya Milagros

In a previous post, I talked about how reading can serve to elevate your knowledge, but it also serves as a form of therapy. I have found myself reading different books as I go through different stages in my life. This particular book and its author, has been part of an unannounced journey. The end results? #GoodMorningChronicles By Aya Milagros!

I had the honor to have been part of a LIVE #Goodmorningchronicles with Aya, with her humbleness and her charisma she described her journey to author and self publisher of a book that it is intended to help your personal growth, elevate your faith and regroup your thoughts with positive affirmations that are available to you not only for 30 days...but for the rest of the reader's life.

Aya speaks about her spiritual journey that started back in May 2015. She felt inspired by God and motivated to write on different topics and visions. She started by writing simply on her phone and sharing her thoughts of that day on Social Media, without any idea that it was going to become the material for a book.

Her first concept for her first book, was totally different from what it turned out to be. Initially she wanted her first book to be about her actual life lessons and experiences. She wanted to be able to share with her readers from where she started and how she ended up where she currently was...her journey...from the ground up. however she kept being confronted with a writer's block, it was not flowing naturally. And we all know that whatever format, cannot be forced.

During this period is when she got an illumination about the fact that she already had a book...Her #Goodmorningchronichles ended up being more material than she had ever imagined. Her mindset is that of a visionary and that confirmation is what she needed. This only happen during the past 3 months, for remember she already had been busy with her first book.

#Goodmorningchronicles was born and with that came research, planning and execution. Pretty much she got assistance from different people as she finalized the publishing process, however it needs to be highlighted that thanks to her creativity, her input was much greater than your average 1st time author. This is sufficient reason to feel an immense sense of pride and accomplishment in a industry that is not the easiest to get into.

After this came the fact of setting a deadline....a date that her book would be released on Amazon, followed by the local launch of it. Aya says and I quote: "I got a vision, during spiritual moment, that the date should be June 17th, 2017. And that was enough for me to follow that date, sure enough on that date #Goodmorningchronicles was released on Amazon!

Many talented authors are under the impression that it is an extreme costly process. What is your take on that? "And it probably was 10 years ago, but with the different options that you have out there, this turned out to be a not so expensive investment. Again, proper research is always necessary. The components that makes a book costly are: book cover, book edit, book format. If you can find a short cut with the same quality, I guarantee you that publishing your book is more realistic than you think!"

Was there a specific reason as to why you did not went digital one time? I mean nowadays most people are into their e-books..? " The idea was to release both format at the same time, however, I am experiencing a little delay with the digital version, but this should be resolved shortly".

What would you tell an aspiring author that is afraid of starting a book? "Research your options, tag a deadline and GO for it"!

What is next for Aya the Author? " Well, currently the official launch of the book will be done on June 24th, at Rancho del Sol. It is a Champagne Brunch sync with the book of course and we wick off at 09.00 AM. I promise it will be an interactive event with powerful local guest speakers that will share some of their journey to success".

When can we expect the next book? "Oh honey I am already on my 4th book...working in silence as I like to call it (smiles)." So readers this intro of Aya as an author, is simply the beginning to greater things and visions that she has when it comes to self growth and sharing that positive experience with others.

It was certainly refreshing to have had this chat with Aya Milagros, a driven young woman of the soil. With dreams and goals and with the mindset of turning those dreams and goals into realities! Please support her book, the copies are being sold locally and via Amazon, hereby the link: