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Keldamuzik: | Entertainer | Entrepreneur

When you are a Blogger, your main objective is for your readers to understand your concept and message and that would ultimately result in expanding your followers. Although I am a rookie to this, I am constantly researching what I can do better to expand my international relationships out of the Caribbean region.

Therefore this artist's feature is particularly special to me. Aside from my diverse taste in music, I can also appreciate and humbly accepts when someone reaches out to me to collaborate with

I had the opportunity to conduct a digital interview with none other than:

And just to give you an idea of her background and music, I am more than happy to be able to share her biography and accomplishments with you. 

Keldamuzik lights up the entertainment industry with her genuine, positive attitude and her devotion to explore all aspects of the entertainment industry – especially as a recording artist. She introduces dynamic talent throughout her entire brand.

As a recording artist, Kelda entertains audiences with her own original sound, with hits like, “Queen For a Night,” and “Thirsty” (5 weeks number one on KISS FM charts in Melbourne, Australia), in a variety of genres ranging from pop to reggae.

She has toured internationally (Japan, the Caribbean) with:

  • R&B singer Lloyd
  • Kid Ink
  • Jah Cure

Songs from her 4 albums have been featured on:

  • MTV's "Real World"
  • Oxygen channel's "Bad Girls Club"
  • "Weight Up," was featured in Sony Entertainment's film, "Please Give," starring     Amanda Peet

    As a television personality, Kelda’s latest endeavor has been talk show Diva Talk Tonite, which features special guests of all types of industry backgrounds who discuss their profession.

    As a model, Kelda has developed the flashy, sexy style that she has trademarked in all of her performances. Projects have included working with:

    • Skylier Wear Clothing
    • Swankety Swank Fashions
    • Fashion photographer, Christina Elizabeth

    Her latest modeling project, called "Kelda speaks," illustrates the life of a struggling young girl converting her challenges into success.

    As a film actress, having experience in acting, script writing, and producing, Kelda stars in two upcoming indie films – "Love, The Original Way," and a web series titled "Who's Ride is it Anyway?"

    As a public speaker Keldamuzik is involved in developing community oriented projects with several non-profit organizations. Her own projects focus on empowering young women to stay positive, as she relates her own life experiences to the struggles youth face today:

    • The Diva Outreach
    • The Cultural Exchange Tour

    As a businesswoman, with her endeavors taking her around the world, Kelda has her own formidable business mind to thank for the opportunities she’s encountered.

    • Funded her own projects by working as a marketing representative for several Bay Area start-up businesses
    • Developed her own talent marketing company, Digz Media Group

    With her business savvy and determination, Keldamuzik will be unforgettable! 

    As a Blogger, there were so many questions that I wanted to ask, however I managed to summarize it in what I hope would be a great read for both my readers and her fans!

  • My top questions to Keldamuzik:

    As an artist / song writer where do you get your most inspiration from? - Life experiences, and others. Whether I’m writing about being in the club, or talking about friends or relationships, It’s all about what I’ve been through and what I’ve done.

    Were any of your songs written to symbolize your childhood? - Sort of, my first album was written based off my childhood, I referenced to some stuff and It definitely caught the attention of people that I know now who were like wow really Kelda? lol.

    What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn't have your music career? I would probably be a news reporter or something to dealing with talking before an audience. Maybe even a therapist because I love talking to people and helping them with their issues. Talking so much fun to me, I can go on for days! I actually have a talk show called “Diva Talk Tonite”, where I interview guests and even include comedy sketches in between.

    If you were to give someone advice on life or how to start songwriting, what would you say? The first thing is think about what type of artist you want to be. Then focus on a particular subject matter to touch on. From there the writing becomes a bit easy and you’re able to know what concepts you want to come up with for your songs and catchy hooks.

    What has been your most enjoyable song? Why? I really like “That’s Why” which is my latest single. I like this track because I introduce who Keldamuzik really is, what she cares about and what doesn’t matter to her. It’s like a “I’m being me” type of song you know?

    Do you like all your songs? I do. Although I know there are some songs that I write, people find a bit corny or that it lacks substance, but I make those types of tracks for a reason, licensing and radio purposes. Either way I like all of my music and no matter what, you will like at least one song on an album even if you hate the rest lol.

    Have you ever considered joining a band or have you always wanted to be solo? I have performed with a band a few times and it kind of inspired me to want to put a band together, but I just think of all the trouble I would have to go through trying to find the band mates and making sure we are all on the same page. Solo is best for me and the kind of music I do.

    Who would you say is your inspiration for your love of music, and why? I’ve fallen in love with many artists, it’s too hard to name all of them, but as artists I do like Eminem, E-40, performers I like Michael Jackson of course, Janet, Madonna.

    How old were you when you wrote your first song and what was it about? I was 12 years old, just sitting at the computer and thinking hmm should I write all my thoughts in a diary or write a song about it, so I wrote a song. It was called “Why Don’t You Talk to me”. lol the song made absolutely no sense but I the way I sung it, you’d think it was a real track.

    Where is your favorite place to tour and who have you enjoyed touring with? So far I love the Caribbean and Tokyo. Both relaxing places and the fans are so appreciative to have artists perform in their country. Even if they don’t know who you are, they’re just so grateful and happy to see and hear you.

    What is your favorite song on your album and what inspired its title? I would say “Wind Blow” is the best. Reason being is the featured artists on the track and the beat was just so laid back and cool. It was the chilliest beat ever made for me and a one taker when I recorded it. It was inspired from my first tour in Barbados and it also featured the native reggae singer Kirk Brown.

    What is your favorite song that isn't your own? That’s hard, I like so many and the thing is I have a new old song that I listen to every month and I’m like this is my favorite song of all time, then next month I find a new one and I’m like ok this is my new favorite song. So with that being said, I really can’t name one, they’re all too good.

The reality is that entertainers seldom have the time to share with their fans how it all started for them. The entertainment industry is one, that when kicked off at a young age, you sometimes miss the opportunity to really connect with your fans / followers and this why 1 on 1 interviews like these are great. It provides the listeners with an additional information. Take a virtual walk through and enjoy the diversity and her music, she has so much to share with her listeners.