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You Are A Queen; Your Crown Is Always On!

Over the last few years, organizers of pageants have worked diligently in changing the overall concept of Beauty Queens. The idea is for them to focus on the humanitarian and community aspect of their role within society once they are crowned.  On St.Maarten we are glad to be able to also contribute to this principle via our very own Pageant Organization: Posh Productions, under the leadership of Mrs. Anna Rabess – Richardson.

Their core objectives include assisting and strengthening the entertainment and tourism industry of St. Maarten through highlighting our island’s cultural heritage and natural talents with promotional packages and advertisements that will draw participants, spectators and viewers locally, regionally and internationally.

This past weekend I was honored to have been invited to a Meet & Greet, organized by Posh Productions, where we welcomed Mrs. Haiti International 2017: Mrs. Judy Leger. It was such an intimate and powerful experience, where our reigning 2017 Carnival Queens, were able to share 2 hours of discussing topics beyond the “crown”.

She was able to share her platform, which is Domestic Violence Awareness. Being a survivor herself, she opted to start speaking for others long before pageantry. Her drive and passion of wanting to empower other women / families in fragile positions is commendable and worth sharing with the rest of the world. Soft spoken and with vibrant energy she shared her vision and the fact that it will continue to live on way after her reign. She is driven by leaving behind a legacy for her children that goes beyond any monetary value.

Mrs. Haiti International 2017, was sure to emphasize to our Queens, that their motivation should not derive from material compensation, but from genuinely being able to help others and be that person to make a difference in our community. Listening to this phenomenal woman, and seeing how she transformed her life lessons into a voice that she is using to reach out and positively influence others was truly worth every second of my time. I would recommend you to follow Judy as she continues to do great things and remember to cast those votes!