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How Are You Rocking Your Natural Coils This Season?

The holidays are upon us and many naturals are looking for protective styles that will last and look amazing all winter long. Protecting your hair should be less of a chore and more of a fun practice but if you struggled on how to style your hair for Halloween, you are surely dreading how to rock it for the rest of the holidays.

Christmas and New Year’s parties will be here soon so are you in need of hairstyles that will look amazing? If you want to protect your hair, but also want to have fun, then check out  few ideas that you can play around with  for protection and versatility this holiday season for your natural hair.


Adding hair is an ideal way to create a new woman every time you walk out the door. You can have longer, shorter, thicker, bigger and even various colors of hair if you choose when it comes to adding hair. From sew-ins to wigs to braids, rocking extensions is a great protective style coupled with giving you a different style to rock no matter the length or even texture of your own hair.  

Problems with Sew-Ins/Braids

The problems that arise with added hair like sew-ins and even braids are the limitations on styles (once you have that style you are pretty much stuck with it) and price. Sew-ins are extremely expensive if you want quality hair.  They also can lead to neglect of your own tresses if you are not diligent about caring for it under your sew-in or braids. 

Some women have been known to keep them in too long which can lead to traction alopecia or even matted hair.  Sometimes the problems occur when they were simply installed to tightly and that can create hair thinning, especially along the hairline.  Those are extreme cases but it can and does happen more than you think. I suggest to always discuss with your hair stylist what is the best care regime for any (protective) style that you have chosen.

Currently my chosen trend for this month are the faux locs! 

Try Some Clip Ins!

One of the simplest ways to change up your hair without damaging it is adding clip ins. Clips ins are a less expensive and easier hair extension method to sew-ins. They can be added, removed and re added several times as they are wefts of hair attached to clips that safely attach to the hair’s root. 

Clip ins give you options that regular sew-ins cannot as they can be applied to the whole head on one day and simply added to half a head (for fullness) the next. Hair is safely braided under the clip ins (unless some hair is purposely left out) and since the clips in should never be slept in, hair and scalp get much needed air and has access to products so they never get neglected. 

Kurly Klips!

I cannot discuss how amazing clips in are without discussing a favorite brand of naturals, Kurly Klips. Created for a need, Kurly Klips are curly textured clip-in hair extensions that give women of color the power to rock their hair however they want as often as they want.  With the holidays in full view, it is time for some versatility that will not sacrifice your hair in the process. Here are a few reasons why Kurly Klips are a great way to spice up your holiday hair and parties:

 Kurly Klips allows for you to wear them with some hair out or no hair out. Easy to install and remove, the clip ins change up your style even without having to re-braid your hair underneath as they can be placed for wearing down or installed for a high bun or ninja bun. The styles are endless!

Long lasting: Kurly Klips will last anywhere from three to twelve months depending on your care as they need to be nurtured, washed and taken care of just like your natural hair. 

The right price: This is the ultimate DIY hairstyle so no need for a pricey salon fee for installation and they are all well under $200 for each unit. 

Easy to install: No need for a stylist as these clip ins are easy to install and quickly too. Whether you get a friend to assist or DIY, Kurly Klips will have you ready in no time for any holiday party and allows for several ways to rock them according to your mood. 


My Kinky Straight Blowout

My Kinky Straight Blowout is designed to mimic your natural hair through rain, sweat, and humidity. So give it curls or iron it bone straight.  

Chic Fro

Naturals, I REALLY want you to have fun this holiday season, explore, try different looks, but most importantly be open to trying new things. Remember that your hair deserves ROYAL treatment 365 days a year! 

 Photography Disclaimer: All photos used in this post were done via Pinterest and I do not own the rights to any of them.