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Happy Prosperous & Stylish 2018 From Kerai Kreative Style & Rosarini

The hectic holidays are almost a thing of the past as we embark on our journey, challenges and goals for a new year. We have made resolutions, plans and adjustments to our lifestyle with the main purpose of bringing positive changes and vibes. I would like to wish all my readers a wonderful 2018.

This January I am also celebrating 2 years of being "live" as a Blogger and my journey has been one that has taken me through excitements and learning curves. I am certainly looking forward to what 2018 has in store for me.

I have been granted the opportunity to review an awesome brand: Rosarini and I am excited to share with you some of the looks that I created with their "elegant, simple but yet stylish pieces", their tag line could not have been more on point as I managed to give them my personal style and flare. As women, it is important to be in sync with your own style, for fashion is a trend, but your style will last for an eternity.

The First Look: Green Synergy

I paired the Rosarini basic wide legged pants with a green top. Now initially I am not a fan of wide legged pants because I am short, but I must say that i was in love after the complete look was finished. For me accessories can break or make an outfit, this look was perfect for the holidays, as it gave it a party flare. But it is a look that you can also dress it down and make it more corporate or transition it to a day look. Let us not ignore the fact that I am rocking a baby bump, which means that the Rosarini brand can also be used as part of your 9 months wardrobe...I will for sure be taking advantage of this as well. What completed this look for me was the grey leopard print pumps and the bold red layered African necklace, handmade and beaded in Nigeria.


 The Second Look: Punk The Green Synergy Up

Now if you have been following my blog, you would have notice that #IwearwhatIwant. I decided that I would switch up the first look, which was pretty much a "safe look" and spice things up a bit. I grabbed some fishnets and a short pants and voila.....I totally PUNKED that outfit. This option of course is for someone that has a more daring style and that wants to spice up her look. This can be a Club Look, a Girls Night out, A night Out to a concert...I mean the possibilities are endless. I just wanted to show the versatility of that ONE green blouse. That by the way feels awesome against your skin.

 The Third Look: Let's Kick It Up In All Black!

My final look for this review, I used the long V neck tunic with side splits Long V Neck Tunic - With Split Sides. I wanted to create a casual yet stylish look that screamed comfort. I paired it with some black shorts as I wanted to do an all black and ended with a pair of Adidas Classics on my feet. It gave me a flirty, playful yet so trendy and fashion forward look. I love Dramatic pieces, and this is why I used a 3 layers Cobalt Blue & Gold Necklace (sponsored by T's Closet SXM): T's Closet SXM . For me what completed this look and made the tunic stand out was the short pants and the fact that I paired it with sneakers.

Overall Observations:

 The quality of the material is superb. The sizing of the items that I have included in this review were true to size (stay tuned for the second part). Another thing that I loved is that the colors are strong and dominant. The fabric although it has spandex, it enhances your shape and accentuates your curves. 

I am wearing a 2X and 3X in above pieces and they have lots of room. Not saying that you should strive for that, but for me it just mean that I have extra fabric to get creative with a look if necessary. 

Let us talk about pricing for a minute, I consider these to be staple and basic pieces of your wardrobe that you can dress up or down. They are quality pieces that will grow with you as well,  being Plus Size I understand that it is imperative that you invest in quality clothing. Quality usually comes with a price. And although most time as women we can get away with bargains and make them look good and expensive, there are certain pieces that you will always need to see as an investment; Rosarini is one of those brands.

Another thing that blew me away was their packaging presentation: It was personalized, and you saw that every item was personally handpicked by their team!

It was an amazing experience working with this brand, and I encourage you to try their collection. I had fun and my photographer was able to capture the essence of the looks that I wanted to project. I am looking forward to part 2 of this review, including video footage and the follow up photo shoot.