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Womanity Fest: From Vision To Reality

I have not written for the blog for over a year, after a rough delivery with my second baby, a new job and new mommy’s challenges, I lost my flow. And even if I had a flow, I had very little time: Life Happens, and that is a REALITY. Every woman has a different journey in getting back on track, after a new baby...some of us can bounce back with the snap of a finger, and some of us need a little more time, I am okay with being part of the latter.

Having said that, I found myself suffering from a writer's block. As any Blogger will know, consistency is key to growing and maintaining your audience. I did not want to lose results that I worked very hard in creating and therefore I created a temporary loophole:  I decided to focus on engagement on Social Media, for that is always easier to maintain and you can be "Kreative" as you are a career Mom-On-The-Go! The month of march is significant for me, because Women are highlighted across the globe. Women's Day is a rendition of our strength.  

I am one to think that women should be celebrated throughout the year. Whether you chose to celebrate you, or someone else decides to show your appreciation, we have without a doubt enough reasons to celebrate WOMAN / SISTER HOOD. The month of March on the island buzzed with a schedule that would keep women entertained, informed and educated about different topics that affects us. I was happy to finally see the vision of a long time business relation and good friend come to life!

Mercedes Wyatt, affectionately known as "Elektra", is a radio personality and an advocate for Women Empowerment through our community.  Elektra had an idea a few years back, that she shared with me, where we discussed that she would love to do a "Womanity Fest". Where different activities would be created surrounding the month of March and relevant to women topics and current issues. I remember discussing the objective and approaching different companies, while collaborating with local women's institution. We understood that it would take a community effort to make this a reality. Fast forward to 2019: Women's Desk, Safe Haven, Positive Foundation & Elektralytes Foundation and  joined forces to make the month of March all about women and a real WOMANITY FEST.

I was lucky to be have been a guest and attended the closing event: "Hats, Heels & Clutches" at Emilio's Restaurant on March 31st. This event was derived from Anguilla, the official host of Hats& Heels Foundation, an organization that was created to give the victims of domestic abuse a voice.

If you missed March 31st, just like Hats & Heels Anguilla, it was an afternoon designed to show ourselves that #womenmatter, that we are fighting for gender equity and that we are clearly advancing to surpass positions in society beyond our expectations.

It was an afternoon filled with empowering words, but not words that are meant for you to forget, but a clear message that signifies our strength and that we should not forget. Womanity Fest was a celebration, that I hope to see annually, I project its growth and look forward to a more extended involvement from the business community. Congratulations to a dear friend for the fight and the push to make her vision a reality!!

Details on the Outfit 

Makeup by: Makeup By Falana 

Dress: Karen's On Line Boutique (Coming Soon) 

Shoes: T's Closet 

Hair: Celebrity Salon By Samantha Smith