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Paperless Posts...Say It With So Much Words & Just One Click!

In a world where digitizing is here to stay,  some of us may feel that expressing ourselves via the traditional stationary is something of the past. However if you love to write and celebrate important occasions with friends and loved ones, I am happy to share with you a medium that is interactive and that is also providing you tons of varieties.

Paperless Post and Kerai Kreative Style have partnered up to show you the amazing things you can do with their digital stationary! I love to write, and I feel that the connection between being able to customize a card and the occasion is always super important. 

From simple "Thank You" notes to Official can say it all with a simple click!

Customize to your liking...add pictures...change fonts...make it YOURS!

The recipient on the other end is sure to be blown away by the presentation and the endless interactive possibilities!

Easy to use and easy to sign up via

Get your coins and share with your loved ones by clicking and e-mailing them your best wishes! 

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