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Summer Time: Sunnies, Sea & Fun!

Every year, regardless of what part of the world you live in, you and everyone else looks forward to having an exciting summer. From ending the school year to finally going on that family vacay, it is a time, where we emphasize on having more fun, looking cuter and having flawless skin. While we are talking about flawless skin, let me tell you a little about my skin care routine. Summer is the season of SKIN! Don’t wait too late to have those summer glow essentials...Inglot Lab skincare line needs no introduction...their face oils, serums, moisturizers and toners are the perfect regimen that you need! They cater to various skin types and can be another way of combating a skin condition, of course always remember to seek advice from a professional if you see that the condition has worsened. Visit Miranda and her team, they are ready to serve you with a smile and great service at Inglot St.Maarten. Remember that skin care is the real foundation to any makeup.

Moving on to another component of summer (although in the Caribbean, we can brag about this being the whole year round), the perfect pair of sunglasses. I remember long time ago, I would be obsessed with designer shades...however as style and trends have evolved, I am happy to have been able to walk away from spending too much money while keeping up with the trends. And let us be honest, you can better use that money to travel and create memories don't you think?! When I think of looking for a pair of sunnies, I always think about the shape of my face and the look you want to acquire with them. It took me a while, but now I am comfortable enough to even order them on line. Luckily for us on St.Maarten, we have Maleona's, with over 20 years in the fashion industry, they provide a wide variety of looks: from sticking to being safe to the most unorthodox look that you can think of. My favorite part: they are so affordable that you can have a vast collection, for every occasion! If you want to stay up to date, make sure you follow them on Facebook / Instagram via:

Maleona's Facebook

Maleona's St.Maarten Instagram

Last but not least, let us talk about finding some fun activities to do during this very much sizzling summer. I realized that I love boat rides, I simply love and enjoy the fact that you can disconnect for an entire day at sea and be with friends and family. When you are at sea, you have no choice (and also no coverage / signal) but to LIVE the moment. We are always so busy and on the go: planning, working, dropping off kids, picking up groceries, etc. No wonder every sentence you start it with " I am so tired" followed by "I was so busy". It almost seems as if fatigue and busyness have become part of our personal characteristics. The older I get, the more I realize, that it is the little things in life that are priceless and they cannot always be captured with your S9! Therefore this summer I highly recommend for you to plan a boat ride(Bathing Suit Post: Next Blog Post)!

Outfit Details: 

Bathing Suit: Endless Summer

Fuschia Shoes / Skinny Jeans: T's Closet St.Maarten

Orange Top: Rainbowshops

Sunnies: Maleona's St.Maarten Instagram

Gold Wristlet & Makeup: Inglot St.Maarten

P.S: Angelo From Inglot Did a Magnificent Job With This Natural "Summer Glow"