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The Birth Of The "KentyMono"

It is always exciting when I have to travel for blogging purposes. In August I had the pleasure of traveling to Aruba for "Aruba's Curvy Weekend". Being a plus size Blogger, it was my goal to attend this event and of course in addition  to the weekend line up, I was also looking forward to dressing up!

However we all know the universal affirmation that we women live by: " I have NOTHING to wear"! This time most of us have clothes in our closet that has never been worn...but this is totally irrelevant right? Since I was going to attend in the capacity of press / blogger and there was not going to be added pressure of stage presence (or so I thought).

However, due to situation beyond her control, one of the speakers, Jennifer Barreto - Leyva Jennifer Barreto - Leyva (is the first Latina plus model worldwide, a lawyer and Journalist, and the first Latina size activist worldwide, specialized in Aspectism) ,was not going to be able to attend. At this point Event Manager of Aruba Curvy Weekend, Nicole de Cuba, asked me if I would be willing to replace Jennifer. Although saddened that I would not be able to meet Jennifer as I was really looking forward to connecting with her (for obvious reasons), I was happy that I was able to assist the team in substituting a very important speaker. Just when I thought the pressure was off....It came back on and it multiplied! I had to replace to fill in the speaking space of a Latin Icon, that made history and I was going to have to be on the stage.

I had little time, as this turn of events happened just a few days before me leaving to Aruba. I thought about what I wanted to wear and immediately I remember a scene from "The Bodyguard" with Withney Houston where she wore a hoodie and I thought she looked so stunning! At the same time I remembered that Zillah of Jolie Duzon Jolie DUzon , local and extremely talented designer had launched a series of kymonos over the summer. I gave her a call and explained her my vision. However, being the person that I am (limitless and definitely not restricted when it comes to Fashion), I asked her to give it a twist. I added a hoodie and of course it was a SEQUINS hoodie (hhhhahaha).

Many questions came my way as to where I got the inspiration from, and this is why I am sharing it with you, I took a scene from a movie (that came out almost 3 decades ago, but that I remember it as if it was yesterday) and turn it into a fashion trending piece. I wanted that kymono to be the WOW factor and it was. That is why I kept everything else pretty simple (well as simple as I could get). I dressed it up with a tube dress from Forever21

I must be honest and tell you that the "dress" is actually a skirt, but thanks to my short torso I can rock it both ways. It is important to always find ways to diversify your staple pieces ladies!

I was lucky enough to meet ladies in Aruba (Chloé and Janelle)  that took me to get some shoes. Shout out to D Shop Aruba, for their great customer service. I saw those blush babies and I was sold....I should mention that this color was nowhere in my color scheme for the outfit of the night!!

I kept my jewelry simple but I let my Makeup do all the talking. Heeleny Jansen did an amazing job, and although I have #oilygirlproblems, I survived the night, the stage and even tapas and cocktails after Aruba Curvy Weekend.

Here is your recap:

  • "KentyMono" was born on August 24th, 2019
  • It weigh about 7 pounds of perfect magenta and sequins fabric and 81000 grams of FABULOSITY
  • It vitals were heart stopping at first, but gradually it landed a normal heart rate ;)
  • It will grow to be a staple piece diversify by the many visions I have for it

I am even happier to share with you that the "Kentymono" can be exclusive obtain via this blog. I already have orders coming out of the region, so make sure to contact me via or Kerai Kreative Style if you are interested in placing your orders.

Remember that Fashion is what is trending, but Style is what YOU do with it!

For the exclusive coverage of Aruba's Curvy Weekend please visit: Volup2.KentyLichtenberg