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Bunita...Reminds You Of Your Beauty

As most of my readers know by now, this blog is about women overall, with Plus size as my niche. Women are the strongest species on this planet, and we are so versatile, talented and unique at the same time. While beauty has different standards (all created by our society), I am always researching new products that are related to enhancing or bringing out the inner / outer beauty of a woman.

It was scrolling through my Social Media feed, that I found a new brand: "Bunita"...what intrigued me the most: it was also created by a WOMAN. It is no secret that I am also an advocate for women empowerment and entrepreneurship, anything that depicts growth of women within our community, is something to be proud of. This vision of a makeup line was brought to life by: Ashna Coster

I am excited to share her journey with you, so grab a glass of your favorite beverage and let us do this walk through!!

Who is Ashna Coster?

"Ashna Coster (33) is my name and I am the creator/founder/owner of Bunita, Born and raised in Curacao but currently living in the Netherlands. I have worked for about 15 years in the Beauty industry. From being the Beauty advisor for Bobby Brown cosmetics to the Marketing Manager of Penha in the Caribbean. So, I have knowledge of working from drugstore brands to high-end brands. I've freelanced as an artist since I was 17 years old, but most recently in the last 3 years I've become a certified pro makeup artist with specialization in 4 fields and I work and teach makeup in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Curaçao. This has given me a broad knowledge within the industry that I gladly share with my clients, students and followers. Besides that, I have a masters degree in human behavior and I do a lot of work as a researcher in the social science field."

Background information on establishing the brand (how, why & the process) 

"The idea to start "Bunita" (means Beautiful in Papiamento) started because of my one on one makeup classes with women. After doing over 100 of them I realized that the market still had space for a brand that is not only focused on sales but the true beauty of each woman. What do I mean with true beauty? nowadays, because there is social media and filters woman have become more insecure about their appearance. With simple products as makeup products. People want to hide behind them instead of using it for the real purpose of enhancement. So with this in mind, I decided to go do my research on how to start a cosmetic line and then invest in it. That was the start of "Bunita" which is a cosmetic and merchandise line. Before launching my brand on the market I did prior work for over a year. On August 23, 2018, I placed the first 6 liquid lipsticks on the market which now grew to almost 40 products in total. Bunita also offers a range of other beauty products such as make-up brushes, but also other products such as t-shirts and much more. The brand is focused into becoming the first ever international cosmetic and merchandise brand from Curaçao for the world."

 Product availability within the Caribbean Region:

"Bunita" is available in Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire: 5 stores in total. At DA drugstore on all of the islands, additionally on Aruba at Lingerie For You & Me at Palm Beach Plaza and Aries Boutique downtown Bonaire. And guess what?? SXM coming soon!!

I loved the fact that "Bunita" is more than cosmetic and merchandise products. It is an attitude, a lifestyle. To be so damn secure and proud of how gorgeous you are and that these items are just extra things as a reminder of how fabulous we women are. On March 23rd, Ashna Coster released the first two eye shadow palettes from Bunita at DA Drogist. The first palette is called "I Deserve" and the second "Amor Propio".

All products from "Bunita" have their own individual names in Papiamentu, which makes the brand very unique. The purpose of these two eye shadow palettes are to remind clients of "Bunita" to always remember to love yourself first. Self-love is very important, because this reflects on your outer beauty. Take a look at the merchandising that the brand also offers, from tank tops to bracelets, I think it compliments the makeup line so well.

Bunita can be found via:

Bunita Facebook

Bunita Instagram